The song playing is "Mirror Mirror from RWBY. < 3

Come on in and join the fun!

Screenshot - 2 20 2016 , 5 24 17 AM.pngHello from tHE OTHER SIDEScreenshot - 2 20 2016 , 5 24 17 AM.png

I'm Nyan~


please please please DO NOT request!

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No. Episode Image Reason
1st It Could've Been Great
It Could've Been Great 130.png
This episode was so intense near the end, it was very unexpected since the beginning was very light~!
2nd Message Received
Even though this hasn't aired, it seems amazing~
3rd The Answer
The Answer 118.jpg
Ruby and Sapphire's orgin story was so complex and Beautiful~ We also got to see BLUE DIAMOND!
4th The Return
The Return 179.png
This episode imo was so good, it topped Jail break!
5th We Need to Talk
WeNeedToTalk RainbowQuartz.png
This episode gave so much to offer! I can't not put it on this list!

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