If you're here, its because you asked somewhere or someone how to get a profile pic, or someone directed you here for no reason, either way chances are that your account is less than a week old. Here is a tutorial on how to get an avatar.

How to get the upload to work?

Go to your profile on Community wikia and upload it there, you do know how to upload an avatar right? Oh god...

How to upload it?

Hover your mouse over your predetermined avatar, below it there should be an option called "Edit avatar" click it, now select "Upload an avatar" and browse your files until you find the desired image[1], double click it and click "Save, I'm done".

Alternatively you can just wait for a week to pass and upload it then.

  1. Your image must be a jpeg, png, or gif, and it must be less than 500kb in size. It's best that the image is 150x150 pixels or larger.

more info here.
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