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I welcome you to meh Peridot infested profile

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Hello, <insert name here>, I'm EeveeWonders, but you can just call me Eevee. I'm a hardcore fan of just about everything Cartoon Network, especially Steven Universe and Ninjago (odd pair, I know). I'm also a piano player, in case you're wondering why you hear a piano version of Peace and Love in the background. Steven Universe is my all-time favorite show, and my favorite character is Peridot. I talk about her so much to my friends, in fact, that they say I have Peridotitis.

And I'm proud of it. If you're not...well, too bad.

Meh Steven Universe Favorites/Least Favorites:

I guess we're both stalkers, Garnet

Gems: Peridot/Giraffe Diamond

Songs: Peace and Love (On Planet Earth)/Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

Fusions: Sardonyx/YOU WILL NEVER KNOW because if you found out you would hate meh guts

Episodes: Gem Drill (aka eternal fangirling lol) & Too Short to Ride/So Many Birthdays


My Cults include the Sardonyx Society, the Lapis Cult, the Peridot Club, the Lion Cult, the Nanefua Cult, the Sapphire Cult, the Amethyst Cult, the Artists Cult, the Steven Cult, the Alexandrite Cult, the Sugar Cult, the Garnet cult, and the Blue Pearl Cult. I am the founder of the Watermelon Steven Cult, the Eevee Cult, and the very proud co-founder of the Stevidot Cult and the Deoxys Cult. ...Yeah, I have a problem lol

My top five favorite TV shows are (from 1st to 5th) Steven Universe, Ninjago, Yo-Kai Watch, We Bare Bears, and The Amazing World of Gumball. My favorite video games include Pokémon, Kirby, Super Mario, Puzzle and Dragons, Super Smash Bros, Attack the Light, and I hope to one day own and play Undertale.

Oh lots, like I-Ship-Stevidot and MelonUniverse and Amethystkitten and Pumpkinharry and GarnetTheFusion...and you ;)

I currently have my own gemsona Emerald; I am creating a story staring her that should be finished soon :)

Made By Amekitten :)


Other Crud About Me:

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Pearl and garnet twirl
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Steven and the Crystal Gems (band)
This user is aware that she is shipping the same ships as Gemmaniac but is not trying to copy them (JUST COINCIDENCE PEOPLE)
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My favorite page is Recent Wiki Activity

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