Go on!

Sorry, I'm getting stage fright here.

Tell us about yourself!

Well, let's see here. My name is... Epic Fail Ashton. No, no, no! This is all wrong!


Ok, GO!

They call me... *guitar plays* ... EPIC FAIL ASHTON!

How's that for an intro? :)

My favorite pages

  1. Steven Universe (TV series)
  2. Amalgam
  3. Dance of Swords
  4. Pearl
  5. Love Like You (The Ocean Returns)


  • Get within top 100 on the SU wiki (badge-wise). - COMPLETED 4/1/15 :)
  • Get within top 75 on the SU wiki (badge-wise). COMPLETED 4/5/15 :)
  • Get within top 50 on the SU wiki (badge-wise).
  • Have an SU theory be proven right by an episode OR by a show maker (I can't think of the right word).
  • Transcribe 5 SU songs onto sheet music - In Progress
  • Write more goals for myself ;)
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