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  • I live in Malacca
  • I was born on February 6
  • My occupation is chillax only
  • I am male, not like others with nonsense non-gender statements.
Tak baik tau kutuk belakang saya. Dosa tau. Nanti tengoklah nanti pembalasan akan datang. Ini karma namanya.

//Finish no more

FinnManusia is a previous staff member of this Wiki who was either voted out, resigned, or asked to leave the staff.
Ayda Jebat - Siapa Diriku OST M.A.I

Ayda Jebat - Siapa Diriku OST M.A.I.D (Official Lyric Video)

Zahid feat Viral ► Biasa (LIRIK)

Zahid feat Viral ► Biasa (LIRIK)


CINTA TERAKHIR - W.A.R.I.S Feat. Ezad Exists (versi promo) mp3 Full & Lirik

''Hanya NamaMu'' - Caliph Buskers (LIRIK)

''Hanya NamaMu'' - Caliph Buskers (LIRIK)

‘Tak kenal maka tak cinta’ (You will never fall in love with someone until you get to know him)

—Malay Proverb

I don't care if you're talking bad about me. I don't care if you're say that I am an idiot. I don't care if you're really hate me. The most important is we have a good friendship and one day I will proof you that I can be better from what I am now

—Finn Manusia

Do not think that you're a great person with popularity and friends. Look yourself and think about what are you doing in yourself. Are you really think that you're great with your jokes and stupid stuffs? Maybe other people thinks it was great but when it comes to logical mind, it was not. You're in a world with different mind. Sometimes, your position not worth with your attitude and skills. It was only because you're friendly and many supporters. Yup, you can happy with it but one day you will suffer at the end.

—Someone but not me
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Let me see your smile
Let me see your laugh
Let your worries go away and never come again
I wanna smile with you
I wanna laugh with you
We never know all the good that as simple smile can do


  • Birth of date: 6th February 1999

I... don't know

At the beginning I'm happy
All of sudden she hurts my heart
It's okay, thank you to be my friend
One, Two, Three I hug you
You're just one of my friends
Promise to me, my friend
You will be loyal
Don't doubt with this friendship
Don't you doubt I am your friend
Believe in me
I will be the best for your friendship
I like you, I miss you
When I sleep I always dream of you
You're mine alone forever
I hug you, I miss you, I like you
Mengapakah Kita selalu berjauh hati
Selalu Sendiri dan terasa hati
Apakah Kita tak sehaluan lagi
Berat Bagiku
Berat Bagiku
Apakah Salahku
Kau Buatku begini
Selalu Sendiri
Tinggal Sendiri
Cinta Yang ku pinta
Kau Balas dengan dusta
Berat Bagiku
Melepaskanmu Bukan mudah bagiku
Untuk Melalui semua ini
Pabila Kenangan kita mengusik jiwa dan hati
Kala Malam tidur ku tak lena mengenangkanmu
Ku Cuba pertahankan
Separuh Jiwaku hilang ikut terbang bersamamu
Episod Cinta hitamku kini berulang kembali
Berulang Kembali menguasai diriku ini
Oh Tuhan
Ku Mahu yang terbaik
Terbaik Buatku
Insan Kerdil ini
Oh Tuhan
Noktahkan Kehilangan ini
Munculkan Dia
Dia Terakhir buatku
Dan Buat dirinya


Am I not able?
Am I not worthy?
Climb high hills to impress you
And hope to become a better person
Various items skipped
Track thorny path
I stand at in front of you
Waiting for you to accept me
Because interest I bow
Because interest I fell
Kneeling in front of you
But you just look
With the condition that block
My observe on you
I want you to feel compassion
I want you to feel anything with unconditional
Because I had given everything

Sometimes, I feel like...

Why you silly, Really really silly
All things you do is really really silly
Why you made that really, really silly decision
There is other things that more suitable from this silly

And sometimes, I will feel like...

Can't believe there are people like this!
Can't believe we are living like this!
I believe we are better than this
We could all be better than this

Well... I feel like I been... isolated...

Well, all of you will say to me that how I am working as Image Control. Someone said I am useless but I will prove that I am not. Let's begin with my first ability, "Deleting". I can delete pics, categories and also pages.

10 Things You Didn't Know about Steven Universe

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