Finn 18

aka iCarly4Life #LoveMirandaCosgrove

  • I live in Bush well Plaza, California U.S.A
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Actress
  • I am Female
Finn 18 is a previous staff member of this Wiki who was either voted out, resigned, or asked to leave the staff.
Steven Universe, Crystal Gem's Leader, Garnet

Steven Universe, (Garnet).

What's up? 

My Favourite Wiki's

1. Community Central Wiki

2. Adventure Time Wiki

3. Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu Wiki

4. The Legends Of Chima Wiki

5. Steven Universe Wiki/(The BEST!).

6. Ben 10 Omiverse Wiki

7. Total Drama Wiki

My Friends On Steven Universe Wiki

1. Pearl is awsome

2. AwesomeSteven

3. HallowedArcher

4. Killer365

5. FulipYogow

My Favourite Cartoon Network Characters

1. Toothless/Dreamworks Dragons Riders Of Berk

2. Predaking/Transformers Prime

3. Gwen Tennyson/Ben 10 Omniverse

4. Garnet/Steven Universe

5. Mal/Total Drama All Stars

6. Finn and Jake/Adventure Time

7. Mordecai and Rigby/Regular Show

8. Gumball and Darwin/The Amazing World Of Gumball

9. Starfire/Teen Titans Go

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