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Name: Belle *last name*

  Image: No_Photo_Available
  Voiced by: Myself
  Friends: N/A
  Gender: Female
  Occupation: Doodler
  Affiliation: My brain
  Species: Cat. Or Crystal Gem. No, human :)
  First Appearance: November 26
  Latest Appearances: Right meow

My Personal Life

Welcome! I will not say my real name, for it is against the laws of the internet. You clicked on this link because you wanted to know about me? I live in a terrible place called Indiana, forced to move from Michigan and New York, previously. I liked it there, I had friends, but my real home is New York. Not NYC, but western New York. I moved a lot, since the depressing summer of 2014. I am very miserable where I am forced to dwell. I, like Lapis, want to go home. But, I will stop venting. I will not say my age, but I assure you, I am older than 13, but younger than 16. 15. 14. I love astronomy, cats, animals in general, I love bees, because who will feed us if they are gone?, I am vegetarian, I like little kid things, because I don't care what anyone thinks!, I love my family, I love DC Comics, and I wish for a better life! Any Q's, post 'em on my message board. BYE!!!

Why do people hate Jasper and Peridot so much? Lapis seems to be the bee's knee's!
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