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It's over, isn't it? It's been 2 years already... woah

Hi!, welcome to my profile page, i'm an user from the wiki!

My favourite gem is Centi (and she is finally healed and happy with her crew :DD), i really liked her in "Monster buddies", one of my favourite episodes from early seasons, along with "Steven and the Stevens"

Friend Ship Animation Peridot Why Isnt Anything Working

I let the Angry Green Space Dorito live in my wall

So sad

In memory of what could have been

Btw, i'm not doing theories for a while, i will comment some threads and enjoy the show

Almost everything was proven false... sad

Threads and stuff

This is a list of the threads i have made in the wiki; i took the idea from LapisLazuliisthebest (an user who has really good theories), it also contains some stuff i believe could happen in the show (with a parenthesis telling if it was proved wrong or false), i put it just to show off btw :v

Uncathegorized stuff

  • Steven can totally heal shattered gems (CONFIRMED ._____. but he needs the other diamonds too)
  • Shattered gems are in constainly pain and can't remember anything if fixed (proven false)
  • Topaz's weapon looks like a cotton swab and her gems are in her ears (this is funny, i hope someone from the crewniverse mentions it :c) (some day >:c)(F)
  • A bunch of Bismuth's stuff (thread (long))(F)
  • Malachite coming back as a stable fusion (not yet)
  • Centi will be the next mascot of the Chaaaaps in a snikers like ad and will have an endowment for life of Chaaaaps as well (probably not but sounds funny to me) (F)
  • Gems doesn't speak in any idiom, they randomly move lips that produce a sound, the sound is understandable for everyone, no matter the language, they also can understand any language (and write in it), but, they have their own written language (F)
  • PD's zoo was built on earth (F) 
  • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 is a mother - son relationship (thread)(false)
  • What do injectors actually inject? (blog) (not mine)
  • The diamonds are shapesifting (in my head, their size doesn't make sense, is that racist?)(F)
  • Rutile twins and fusion (thread)
  • The show has a happy ending (:DD)

Stuff about Sapphire's weapon: (related to this thread (not mine))

  • Sapphire's weapon is the other gauntlet (mentioned in this thread, not mine)
  • Sapphire's weapon is Garnet's visor (or something like that)

Stuff about Lion (related to this thread (not mine))

  • Lion = PD (proved false)
  • Garnet was the one who put the correct tape in Lion's mane I don't remember why not Rose/PD
  • Steven can't breath in Lion/Lars dimension because there isn't enough trees to make oxygen

Stuff about the "I am my mom - Wanted" arc

  • The crystal gems told Peridot and Lapis about what happened to Steven, everyone is trying to repair Centi's ship now (with her help) to get Steven and Lars back (related thread)(well, the first part was kinda proven true, Peridot and Lapis did know about Steven's fate, we only hear about a "dropship" mentioned by Pearl in "Lars's head" so, let's wait)
  • White Diamond and Pink Pearl are going to help Steven on homeworld in the Wanted arc (proved false)
  • Lars will be a normal human again (not yet) (probably not)
  • The gems are repairing Centi's ship for getting Steven and Lars back, Steven is going to tell them about PD's ship after Centi's ship definitely doesn't work

Stuff about the diamonds (or related to them)

  • Blue Diamond's white hair and the 2 (maybe 3) diamond's eyebags comes from the corruption song (unlikely) (proven false)
  • The diamonds doesn't know that they corrupted the gems that were on earth (wasn't this proved false by how Jasper interacted with the other corrupted gems?) (proven true! :DD)

Stuff about Pink Diamond (or related to her)(i guess everything here was proven false (too lazy to check))(i really liked my fanfics btw :3)

The 3 fanfics are really cool though

Stuff about Steven's earth

  • Lapis moved that part of North Africa to South America (thread) (this was my first thread :') )
  • Steven's earth and our earth are the same but in the future
  • Humans manufactured the gem race and are far more advanced BUT not the humans from Steven's earth (thread)
  • Steven's earth and our earth are the same but, the events on Steven's earth are completly different, they try to be equal but they can't, the humans there are completly different, basically the butterfly effect (thread)
  • How this thread explains the interactions between the CG and the goverment (not mine)
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