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Hello, friend. My name is Kittro Cat, KittroCat or Kittro_Cat, but you're welcome just to call me Kittro 🙂. I love cartoons and animation, particularly CN, but there are many cartoon shows that I love. I also greatly admire Rebecca Sugar's work. From her short, "Singles", to her artwork, to Steven UniverseI'm pretty much using my profile to test things and work out how a lot of things work (i.e. uploading videos and adding links) so bare with me as I add random and useless items to my profile.

Fave Eps (in no particular order)

Pages I've Created

I really thought that by now this list would be a bit longer.

Fave SU Songs (in order of appearance)

I prefer the orginal theme song to the one used from "Sworn to the Sword" to present, but I love the extened theme from the Extended Intro


Pearl is, in a sense, my favourite character in the show. I find her the most interesting as far as backstory is
ASinglePaleRose (558)
Last One Out of Beach City 174
concerned, though I also love Rose/Pink's backstory (especially as of "A Single Pale Rose"). I always found Pearl intriguing, despite the fact that at the beginning of the series I found myself identifying with Amethyst far more. The "surface Pearl" that she so often displays didn't bother me as much as I thought it would and the more I learnt about her the more I grew to like her. Her problematic sense of self-sacrifice, which was blatantly displayed during Do It for Her in "Sworn to the Sword", was absolutely fascinating. I assumed that it was possibly something instictual to Pearls, to lay their lives on the line for the one they considered their supereor, but the revelation Rose's true identity just made Pearl's complex all the more saddening, but all the more interesting. 

Don't get me wrong, I love every member of the Crystal GemsOff Colours and many Homeworld Gems (particularly the other three Pearls), but Pearl happens to be the one who interests me the most. 

Pictures of Pearls

I love Pearls. Here are some pictures of the four Diamonds' Pearls. I haven't included the unknown Pearl that makes up Rhodonite, as we haven't yet seen her unfused. 

Fave Uncivilized Elk Vids About Steven Universe

Uncivilized Elk is a YouTuber who most often posts reviews and analysis of Steven Universe and Adventure Time, among other things. Here are some of his Steven Universe videos I found of interest from various points throughout the series. I don't agree with all of his opinions, but these are really interesting videos if you haven't already watched them.

My Fave Page to Edit

My favourite page to edit on SU Wiki is Cartoon Network: Match Land, as I play the game and enjoy adding hyperlinks to other Wikis so that people can learn more about things such as non-Steven Universe related characters and shops featured in the game.


Thank you for wasting your time reading my profile. Please go and read something that's actually interesting. Good bye.
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