• I live in Turkey (Not Bird)
  • I was born on January 24
  • I am Male

Hey There!

Welcome to my profile, there. I was here for some help, especially for images. Steven Universe was a cartoon series that added a lot of positive things to in my life. By the way, if you need me or want to ask something, don't hesitate! Leave a message on my wall.

Wiki's in Which I'm Part of the Staff

You are welcome to edit in any of these wikis!

Wiki Role Language Since
Remains of Space Wiki Bureaucrat, Content Moderator, Rollback Turkish February 16, 2019
Dark Deception Wiki Administrator English November 9, 2019
Steven Universe Wiki Administrator Turkish May 5, 2020

Theres some gems I rearranged/designed, according to the Homeworld's uniform/must be body shape.

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