Hi! I am LapisLazuliisthebest. I chose that name because Lapis Lazuli is my favourite character in the whole show.

I mainly joined this wiki to share some theories that I've been working on.

My theories

Why I think Sapphire doesn't have a weapon (Practically confirmed)

Why Pearl has a weapon (unneeded)

Alexandrite fire-breath theory

Theory about shapeshifting (unneeded)

The Escape Pod and Robonoids replaced Rose Quartz's (unneeded)

The identity of the Unknown Fusion Gem (disproven, turns out it's obsidian)

Sugilite is not unstable. She is super-stable

Theory about Peridots ferrokinesis and other Gems hidden powers

Pink Diamond: Homeworlds original secret weapon (disproven)

Aquamarines Role

Why Pearl has a weapon (revised version) (half-confirmed, though Pearls spear was probably an upgrade from The Reef and not a hologram)

Why Garnet has a visor 

Sardonyx's forth wall awareness 

Theory about Diamond insignias on Gems (disproven)

Why Smoky Quartz has three arms (disproven)

The Purpose of Rutiles on Homeworld (not disproven, just not what I think anymore)

The First Gems created by the Diamonds/The evolution of Homeworlds caste system

Theory about Rose's shield (Given what we've seen with Pink Steven, I'd say this is mostly confirmed. Though probably has nothing to do with Bismuth)

Sunstones Forth wall awareness

Special theories

The Real Mastermind Behind Pink Diamonds Shattering (disproven)

The Beginning and End of White Diamond (the part about her being dead, disproven)

[|Idenity of the new Gem] (disproven)

Theory analysis

Could Fluorite be Pink Diamond? (Thankfully Disproven)

Does Gemstone placement = Gem weapon?

My favorite pages

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