aka Laura

  • I live in North Carolina
  • I was born on April 3
  • My occupation is founder of Always Human Wiki and Knights of Asherah Wiki, chat moderator/admin of Percy Jackson Ships Wiki, bureaucrat on Egyptian Mythology Wiki, moderator on Glitchtale Wiki
  • I am Female


Hi, I'm Laura. Welcome to my user page!


I'm Laura, a girl who loves her fandoms and FANDOM wikis. I'm the founder of Always Human Wiki and admin of Egyptian Mythology Wiki. I play the piano, cello, and almost every percussion instrument, but cello's my favorite out of all of them. I like art, though I can't say I'm awesome at it.

The first Steven Universe episode I saw was Serious Steven a few years ago. I've seen trailers and stuff beforehand though. After that, I occasionally watched it, but wasn't a huge fan. I distantly remember seeing the promos for Steven and the Stevens and Week of Sardonyx.

I eventually stopped watching for some reason. It sometimes popped up in my life, but I felt too lazy to watch so many episodes. In April 2017, I made a goal to watch SU completly. I started on June 2017(which shows how often I pursue my goals), trying to survive SVtFoE's hiatus before Battle for Mewni. When I finished, I was pretty much obsessed. Sadly, I joined the fandom during the longest SU hiatus. Oh well.



Video Games

  • Bendy and the Ink Machine
  • Undertale/Deltarune (don't judge me)
  • Detroit:Become Human
  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Life is Strange
  • Telltale Walking Dead (have only seen S1E1-2, S2, S3, and S4)
  • Minecraft: Story Mode (again. don't judge me)


  • Gravity Falls
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • Steven Universe
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Avatar and Korra
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


  • Harry Potter
  • Riordan fandom
  • Divergent
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Selection Series (currently on The Heir)
  • Matched Trilogy (currently on Crossed)
  • The Testing Trilogy

Webtoons (oh boy this is gonna take a while)

To make things easier, I just took a picture of all the webtoons I'm subscribed to.
Here's the link
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