• Bio Hi! I'm a boy, named as Leon or Ahmed. I like playing Roblox, and I am a fan of Summer Camp Island.
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Hello <insert name here>! My name is Ahmed, and I am an editor on FANDOM! Most of Summer Camp Island Wiki and Steven Universe Wiki.

My favorite pages

Funny Quotes


  • Omg, no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Playing a craziest game ever)
  • I thought, BC will still live, but no. Its premium now. (RIP Builders Club)
  • Does it even has some likes?- Oh, it is. (Finding An Interesting Game)

Summer Camp Island

  • Why a hedgehog can kiss a SOCK? (Spell Crushers)
  • Hm, Museum of Natural Hedgehistory? Nice. (Campers Above the Bed)
  • Epic, a teenager is in Baby's place. (The Library, when Hedgehog gets in Baby's place with Pepper)

Steven Universe

Steven Universe: The Movie

  • Gems are dead?!?!?!?!?!11!??
  • I hope so Spinel learned her lesson
  • Pink Diamond left Spinel alone, but how she got millions of lifes on Earth?

Steven Universe (TV-Series)

  • Stronger Than Everyone. (Jail Break)
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