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Hello ! Welcome to my profile! My name is LoveSeal990, but you may call me LoveSeal.

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Some renders made by me/listed here are alterations or combinations of existing renders made by others.

Calculations relating to the Steven Universe universe (maybe will change heading name)

  • Spinel's Injector contains about 237 m3 worth of bio-poison.
    • The formula is 5 m3/h. × ((0.154 × 41 h.) + 41 h.)
    • The exact answer to the equation above is 236.57 m3.
  • I assume that Steven Universe: The Movie and Steven Universe Future take place after August 15, 2018 and before Spring-Fall 2019.
    • August 15 is Steven's birthday (as shown in "Growing Pains".)
    • Production of episodes usually take 9 months to a year before premiere, so basing off that, The Future began production in March/April or June/July 2019 (which take place in the spring and summer of 2019.)
    • "Bismuth Casual" contains the song "Can't Hold Me" by Emily King, which was released on January 15, 2019, which means the episode takes place after that. Steven also states that he is in "grade 16", signifying that he is still 16 years old (which wouldn't make sense if Steven Universe: The Movie took place on May 21.)
    • "Snow Day" takes place during the winter, before "Bismuth Casual" but after Steven Universe: The Movie.
    • This means that "Too Far", "The Answer" (excluding flashbacks; those take place in 3,734 B.C.), and "Steven's Birthday" take place in mid-August 2016, and "Reunited" and the "Diamond Days" arc takes place in mid-April 2017.
  • The time it took from Pink Diamond getting her own colony to the battle occurring at the Cloud Arena was 248 (3,982 B.C. to 3,734 B.C.) to 250 years.
    • This means that the Zoo was constructed and inhabited during this time.
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