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|Residence= The Homeworld (in Steven Universe)<br><br><br>No further explanation needed (in real life)
|Residence= The Homeworld (in Steven Universe)<br><br><br>No further explanation needed (in real life)
|FirstAppearance=[[Laser Light Cannon]]
|FirstAppearance=[[Laser Light Cannon]]
'''{{PAGENAME}} is a Regular User'''<br>This user is a user.
'''{{PAGENAME}} is a Regular User'''<br>This user is a user.

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My profile page needs improvement -----> My profile page needs improvement

you could see my info down below

te the category -----> ———————— where did that come from?

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<tabber> |-|User profile= i don't edit here.

|-|My greeting= nothing to put here. just a greeting that isn't a greeting with nothing good in it. and a sign at the bottom of my user page. you cannot make me change it

🅱️lock me or get 🅱️locked

|-|About Me=

LyraTheLizard is a Regular User
This user is a user.

<insert name here> is a stalker. Don't get too attached to me OR my profile, or else you'll (not) get killed. Really. You'll get killed. (no you wont) (trickiest assassin ever)

I've been watching Steven Universe since like 2014. No big deal. You can find me trolling -ish and contributing on other wikis such as Hilda : A Netflix Original Series Wiki. Message me on my wall if you want and I (might) be sure to leave a message.

A DeviantART picture of me in real life and....................................stuff.

Okay, guys, uh, freaking Steven Universe Wiki will not allow me to create blog posts, edit my Message Wall Greeting, or do anything, soooo... I guess that's that. I'll talk to a bureaucrat about it tomorrow. (Ok never mind because I already have it covered).


You can view the whole gallery of User:LyraTheLizard's quotes here.

Remember, I'm only inserting more of them below because I have to fill them out later.

  • I'm a lizard. Seriously, I am. What do YOU expect, a human version out of me?

My favourite pages in general

Add articles to your favourite articles in general on the wiki here!

My favourite non-relevant pages

Add articles to your favourite (non-relevant but they just are anyway) articles on the wiki here!

My favourite episodes

Add links to your favourite episodes of Steven Universe here!


My favourite characters

My favourite songs

Add links to your favourite songs from the series here!

MORE SOON (Ok, nope, because this is supposed to be a dynamic list.)

My Bio

I'm a Hilda and Steven Universe Fanatic from Downtown Dresden, in winzig Germany. I'm also a Fan of cartoons like The Loud House, Sanjay and Craig, Craig of the Creek, The Amazing World of Gumball, Miraculous Ladybug, Hotel Transylvania : The Series (among others). Probably that weak arse, exposed, dangerous lizard girl you've ever heard of. I have a Wikipedia account, I use to contribute to French Wikipedia and German Wikipedia. You can see my French account here, and my German account here...................................which I apparently don't contribute to yet.

My Favourite Episodes.

Season 1

NOTE: If I skip episodes that are already part of that season (meaning that I hate those episodes), please do not convince or force me to change my opinion on that episode. I will report you to a Crystal Gem | Bureaucrat or Guardian | Administrator if you try to—————that also goes for editing this whole userpage without permission (even though the abuse filter doesn't permit users to), which is the main policy of my userpage.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Contact Me

Contact Me!

  • Contact me on Instagram under the name @savagelizard292.
  • Contact me on Twitter under the name @LyraTheLizard.
  • Contact me on Facebook under the name @greenunderdoggirl.
  • I have a YouTube account under the name @LyraDatLaggard (Look it up).

Find me on................

Note: i'll also have to import my previous links, mentioned above.

  • Instagram: @savagelizard292
  • Twitter: @LyraTheLizard
  • Facebook: @greenunderdoggirl
  • YouTube: @LyraDatLaggard
  • Deviantart: @LyraTheLizard
  • Tumblr: @lyrathelizard


User:Crossover Enthusiast
User:Chara Violet

Feel free to be my friend. But don't cause me to freak out -_-



User info

Username: LyraTheLizard
Password: ********
Date of birth N/A

BIALTIGISPO (Basic Info About Lizards That I Guess I Should Put Out)

i dont wanna

MORE SOON |-|My Friends= PinkSuperStar
Chara Violet
Crossover Enthusiast
SaltyPearl7152 |-|Userboxes= Make userboxes if I give another admin permission? |-|Best Episodes= These are listed in my About Me column. |-|User statistics=

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