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Hey, I'm Melon! I joined the wiki mid September but I became active around early January, when Steven Bomb 4 aired. My favourite episode is probably The Answer, and if you need me you can message me on my message wall or Discord!

Crystal Temp Lapis by Koo

Ana u rafiki now
Bye melon
Mean Doru's

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Joined the wiki: 17th September, 2015

Reached 500 edits: 24th February, 2016

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Made my first page: 31 August, 2016

Connie Cult: I'm an official member of the Connie Cult P.S I ADORE Connie!

Lapis Lazuli Cult: I'm a proud member of the Lapis Lazuli Cult!

Nanefua Cult: I'm a proud member of the Nanefua Cult!

Sapphire Cult: I'm a proud member of the Sapphire Cult!

Blue Pearl Cult: I'm a VERY proud member and co-founder of the Blue Pearl Cult!

Watermelon Steven Cult: I'm a proud member of the Watermelon Steven Cult!

Marinette/Ladybug Cult: I'm a proud member of the Marinette/Ladybug Cult!

Alexandrite Cult: I'm the proud founder of the Alexandrite Cult!

Sardonyx Society: I'm a proud member of the Sardonyx Society!

Melon Cult: I'm the founder, alongside Melon Pup, of the Melon Cult!

[1]: I'm the co-founder of the Pink Diamond Court!

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