Hello there, My name is mike and welcome to my profile Yes i used MS paint and i am a great artist so enjoy my arts :D

This is the stupidest idea i ever heard

—Zircon to Peridot


  • She have a orange shirt and short.
  • Her star is on her red belt
  • Her hair is dark blue with light blue
  • Her gemstone is on her leg
  • She have blue stocks and green shoes
  • Her skin is green
  • Her gemstone is blue
    Aquamarine peridot

    It on her leg


  • She is playful but serious when come to missions and she like playing musics but don't like singing


  • She can become invisble but only for 2 hour
  • She have a good ninja skill and can wall jumps
  • She can't shape shift because she was a ERA 2 gem but however she can make her arms/legs longer but only for 5 mins
  • She have super speed plus she can run on wall when she go super fast


  • She don't like her green skin
  • She like doing pranks sometimes
  • She used to have a UFO before Opal destroyed it when she first arrived to earth
  • She is a ERA 2 gem
  • She is the only gem that have a peridot's gemstone but it not a recolor of a peridot

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