Miss Undyne The Undead (Yarana Rouja)

aka Mitsuki

  • I live in Spooky/Abandoned buildings
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Hiding under boxes, stalking user-pages and talking to people (If I'm lonely.)
  • I am a spooky owl! (A lovely female Boo. ;3)

In this chat, It's dead or be DEAD.

—Me, in chat


—Me, if someone wants to.

Hi, <insert name here> . Thank you for coming here.


  • Telekinesis
  • Sending messages/Gifts with Bubbles
  • Visiting People/Gems dreams
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Star Summoning
  • Ghost/Animal Understanding
  • Levitation
  • Holographic Screen/Computer
  • Invisibility
  • Bracelets Traps
  • Glow in the Dark

My Friends on Wikia!

  • ThatLuckyHorseshoe (Cool Friend)
  • Grabbergirl (Bestie)
  • OnyxSpected (Bestie)
  • Sticks the Badger (Inactive)
  • Dismo (Inactive)
  • LegoTown (ded.)
  • TheEnchidioMan (Maybe ded.)
  • Navid 1600 (Bestie)
  • Sharayna (Bestie Meme Friend)
  • Perlen297 (Pun Master Friend Aka Bestie)
  • Lucky Luigi No. 1 Aka Luigi (Inactive)
  • Dorumin (Cool Friend)
  • Smith B. (Cool Friend, Bestie)
  • Robyn Grayson (Forgotten Friend)
  • Asriel Dreemurr (Goat Boy) (Bestie)
  • MarshMelon (Cool Friend)
  • GarnetTheFusion (Amazing Friend)
  • DarlingVanilla (Cool Mod Friend)
  • The Watermelon Dog (Cute Friend)
  • Piierogii (Aka, Ana) (Bestie)
  • Twizzzler (Preferred, Wizzy, Wiz) (Cute Friend)
  • DapperPearl (Bestie)
  • Ditto Creeper Bot (Bestie, Cool Friend)
  • Vloggmus Bestie, (Cute Friend)
  • Skiddley-Riddley (Cool Friend)
  • Alcana (Bestie, Amazing Friend)
  • W0rkinprogress (Bestie)
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  • Andrey Andrey (Bestie)
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  • Just someone on tha internet (Bestie)
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  • Steven Bomb 17 (Bestie)
  • Cheeseskates (Bestie)
  • Haris96 (Bestie)
  • TalkingOddlySpooky (Cool Friend)


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I'm back!

I decided to come back here because.. I missed this wiki and my friends. ;v;

No worry, I still didn't forget about ya'll. <3

Note: I'm still here! I'm just reading. xD

My Recolored versions! (.Png's) (Still making)

Output BoflTh


  • A proud member of Smoky Quartz cult. <3
  • A proud member of Bismuth cult. ;3
  • An existing member of People Who Exist cult.
  • A proud member of Giant cult.

Funny stuff I found/captured

Nice one AC
What kind of... thing is this
Dat face
Derpy Sans

sans.exe has stopped working.


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The Return 233
The user is 100% Peridot trash
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