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"Death before dishoner"


I have reached other important accomplishments before, when I started, but I didn't type them in (sorry).

5/12/15, 5/13/15, 5/14/15, 5/15/15: Getting the 1,000 edit badge 4 consecutive times in 4 consecutive days (120,100, 121,000, 122,000, and 123,000).

6/2/15: 100 days on wiki and got every silver and bronze badge.

6/3/15: Earned 1,000 edit badge on making the 139,000 edit on this wiki on the article "Space Race" and made my 2,000 contribution on this wiki on the article "Collusion."

7/14/15: Got 3,000 edits on this wiki!

7/17/15: Got 4,000 edits on this wiki!

7/23/15: Earned the 264,000 lucky edit badge (plus a ton of other ones since the last time, just that I haven't typed them in).

8/4/15: Got 5,000 edits on this wiki!

July 24, 2015 - August 14, 2015, I was ranked #1 on this wiki. But then lost it. Oh well....

9/30/15: Did 6,000 edits on this wiki!

10/615: Did 7,000 edits on this wiki!

10/3/15: After being cursed for having 13 lucky edit badges, and losing so many chances of getting a lucky edit badge, I finally broke the curse and earned the 444,000 lucky edit badge.

10/7/15: Earned the 455,000 lucky edit badge!

10/9/15: Earned the 461,000 lucky edit badge and partially got ranked #1 again!

10/10/15: Earned the 463,000 lucky edit badge and because of that, I became this wikis #1 again!

10/11/15: Reached 8,000 edits on this wiki!!

10/12/15: Completed 2 things:

  • Earned the 467,000 lucky edit badge!
  • Became the first one on this wiki to reach 100 badges! (people be all getting controversial about me)

10/14/15: 9,000 edits on this wiki!

10/16/15: Earned the 480,000 lucky edit badge!!

10/17/15: Well, not intentional, because I wanted to have a full page of lucky edit badges, but I became the first to get the badge of 500 edits on objects.

10/18/15: Earned the 485,00 lucky edit badge!

10/19/15: 10,000 edits!!!! I never thought I would get this far on this wiki.

10/24/15: In the morning, I earned the 499,000 lucky edit badge!! Then, I got 11,000 edits on this wiki! Later, in the evening, I earned the 500,000 lucky edit badge (very special, 2 lucky edit badge streak)!!!!!

10/27/15: Earned the 506,000 lucky edit badge!

10/28/15: Earned the 507,000 lucky edit badge (lucky edit badge streak)!!

10/29/2015: 3,000 article edits on this wiki!!

10/31/2015: Reached 12,000 edits!!!!

11/11/15: Reached 13,000 edits!!!

In total, I have 24 lucky edit badges so far! ^_^

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