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Hi! I'm Geo, the Mizukage of this page! I enjoy all sorts of shows, games, books, movies, and more! "Steven Universe" is my current favorite show, but I have plenty of fandoms I love! Undertale, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Naruto, plenty of animes, and so on! I'll ad more info later.

I have a SoundCloud where I collect and listen to some fine music from great singers, groups and fandoms!

As well as a YouTube channel where I subscribe to awesome gamers, reactors, music peoples, theorists and more! Such as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, MrKrimiThou, the band known as Giant Woman and so many others I'll be adding.

Note: My Favorites aren't in any particular order.

I'm a proud member of Day Aurelius' Malachite Cult and one of the supervisors of the History Project. Look at my blogs for more about this project.

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Fellow Editors Whom I Consider Friends So Far, Including on Other Wikis

My Favorite Gems

My Favorite Fusions

Gemsonas Inside My Head

  • Moonstone - Main, Crystal Gem, Lapis Lazuli's geological cousin.
  • Emerald - Info TBA
  • Zircon - Info TBA
  • Pearl - Different Pearl, Crystal Gem, Info TBA
  • Smoky Quartz - Single Gem, Crystal Gem, Info TBA
  • Lapis Lazuli - Different One, Info TBA
  • "Fire" Jasper - Crystal Gem, Looks similar to Jasper, but with her gemstone on her forehead and slightly different markings. Nicknamed "Fire" by Moonstone to differentiate her from other Jaspers. Currently corrupted, which traumatized Moonstone since her corruption happened in front of them and had to poof and bubble her.

Here's some Malachite for you monster girl lovers like myself


Amazing Art By Amazing Artists!: Art Collection

Note: None of this art was made by me, it was made by the artists who I will link on here.