aka Nar or SonofNereus

  • I live in A fantasy long gone below the waves
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Your Average All around demigod and crystal gem
  • I am a Chocolate Cheesecake

The gemsona that's based off of me, Aquamarine aka Mar

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My favorite pages

  • (Rp) A Vague Mission
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Steven Universe Soundtrack

My Gemsonas ____________________________________________________


The gemsona that's based off of me, Aquamarine aka Mar He has Hydrokinesis(as well as minor audiokinesis) and his weapon is a trident


A Homeworld Aquamarine, Mar's replacement once he joined the Rebellion. Unlike Mar, he is a kindergarten soldier, with a longsword as his weapon.


Gemsona based of of a "friend"He has aerokinesis and minor photokinesis is generally lighthearted. Wields dual sabers.In a romantic Relationship with Mar.


Emerald is down to earth and even uses a flute as a weapon, elongating it to form a earthen staff(which helps with her chlorokinesis). She acted as a mother to Mar, because, you know the saying"Us Beryls gotta stick together'


Carnelian is the fire in the heart of my gemsonas, but shes really cold when it comes to new people. Her gem is on her waist and her weapon is fire that sprout from it to sport wings. She hates being called Lin, although it does fit her Asian appearance-aspect.


The fusion of Mar and Turq. Unlike Garnet, they prefer to stay unfused, its just not what works for them. Their fusion creates the gem Atlantis Stone, who not only has Mar and Turq's individual powers, but a beautiful mixture that no ones ever seen.


He is a corrupted gem who enjoys preying on innocent earth creature(including butterflies and bunnies-weird obsession with Bs.)When the Diamond authority sent a team to earth to destroy him, he shattered them all except Mar and Turq. He sank the island they were battling on,sending Mar and Turq with it. Most gems believe this the source of the tale of Atlantis.

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