aka Taco, Pie

  • I live in Beach City
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is dying
  • I am a person who thinks Peridot is overrated

Yep. It's happening!

My favorite Gems

Non-Fusion Gems

Pink Pearl

I think Volleyball is really adorable, and it's a good thing she had more screentime in Steven Universe Future! And when she fused with Pearl to make Mega Pearl it was awesome ;w;


She's precious ;w;

Ruby (Leggy)

She's also precious but i often forget that she exists .-.


She acts like me, but i'm a little different compared to her.


Idk, i just like her and in Monster Reunion, when she was Semi-Corrupted, i felt bad for her because she had a tragic backstory when the Diamonds corrupted her and stuff and she drew drawings to describe it, i can't remember what happened in that episode ekmdnel2laldj

Cherry Quartz

I think she's gonna be one of my new favorite gems TwT

Fusion Gems


Probably my most favorite fusion of all time. She's majestic and graceful, but she barely gets any screentime. OOF


She's precious too ;w;


Idk why i like them, but i just like them.

Smoky Quartz

I just like them too .-.

(W.I.P) My least favorite Gems

Non-Fusion Gems


I just think Peridot is kinda overrated. I think she's mediocre in my opinion but i respect everyone else's opinions on her.

Lapis Lazuli


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