aka "Infez"

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Animator, I guess
  • I am Male
PaintspotInfez is granted the tools to keep articles and talk pages on the wiki safe from vandalism and other rule violations. In addition to possessing the rollback tool, they are able to edit (and delete) comments, pages, blogs, and files.

I'm Infez or whatever, and I'm a member of the Staff (as a Patroller) on this Wiki! I love cartoons and animation and stuff, and I'm unhealthily obsessed with Steven Universe.

Pages I've helped edit a lot

Ones I've created

Templates I've made

Pages I think should be made

  1. Template:Stubsection, for articles with sections that are stubs (or "TBA" sections) when the rest of the article's fine
  2. Suitcase Sam (!!!)
  3. Jane (!!!)
  5. Dave Guy
  6. Ranger Guy
  7. pages for various vehicles
  8. a Space / Outer Space page, for the third time
  9. Rose's Painting (like, the painting of Rose that's in like every episode and was possibly done by Vidalia)
  10. Minor Songs, compiling all minor non-existent songs (e.g. Hey Mr. Postman and Birthday Song), with their own categorization in the navbox
  11. Alter Egos (to move and categorize all the minor wrestlers and things like "Peter Pizzapopolis")
  12. Little Voice (from "The Zoo") - maybe a section of "Zoomans"?
  13. Unknown Humans (like, to categorize all the people you see in the background or those we know nothing about)
  14. a section of that "Unknown Humans" for the old-timey people in the Old Gem Painting
  15. a section of Zoomans for the unknown ones without names (like the Minor pages)
  16. a section of Minor Characters/Animals for the Octopus and stuff that accompanied Butt Lobster
  17. a section of Minor Characters/Humans for the Le Hotel butlers
  18. a section of Minor Objects/Food for Corn
  19. a section of Topaz, Rhodonite, and Fluorite's pages titled "Components" to link to when talking about their components (or when we finally see Rhodonite's or Fluorite's, maybe?)

Images I've uploaded

Images that should stay existent

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