aka Pearl

  • I live in Erm... the earth? ~~maybe~~
  • My occupation is Professional Procrastinator

Hey <insert name here>! I am Pearl-Princess-Bubblegum!! I absolutely love Adventure Time and Steven Universe because of their amazing characters, interesting episodes, and amazing ability to combine dark, deep stories, with light hearted, happy humor. Often times, the depth and complexity of certian episodes and scenes serve as inspiration my poems. I love accepting the chalanges and placing new twists on telling a visual story in words, from new prespectives and views. :) As you can tell by my name, my favorite characters of AT and SU are Princess Bubblegum and Pearl :D

Steven Universe Poems

From the Eyes of Ruby

Destabalized (from the eyes of Garnet)

  • Work in progress!!

So far, the rest are Adventure Time :)

My favorite pages

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