Pearl is awsome

aka Birb

  • I live in crystal palace :P
  • I was born on January 16
Pearl is awsome is a previous staff member of this Wiki who was either voted out, resigned, or asked to leave the staff.
Pearl 2


Hey friends ! Welcome to my page :P

My favourite charater is obviously Pearl xD, because she is such a nerd about everything, plus shes the best bird mum :D and....she overreacts =w=

I was also a former moderator for a popular facebook game called dragoncity...But I hope to help this wiki be able to dance like a tree :D

(Steven's line from Gem Glow)

I am a huge nerd...(bird mum for life) :^)


To help any members of the wikia in anyway possible.

  • Get 1000 edits(Done)
  • Get 2000 edits
  • Main Purpose: To help everybody on this wiki feel welcome and try to help anyone who requires assistance :)

My favorite episodes

(I can't add anymore yet I need to catch up :L)

Episodes that make you cry

Favorite Songs

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