Aquamarine is a Crystal Gems who fight for Earth and trapped under an injector in the Beta Kindergarten for 5,000 years.


She has cyan-blue skin, and thick, wavy, light blue hair. Aquamarine has a lean, toned body with a pair of arm. Her face is thin and rounded with pointed nose just like Pearl. Her gemstone is on her head. She wears a navy blue top and navy blue, knee-length leggings, and navy blue shoes. She wears a sash with a drape in front and back that went down to her shins, featuring an accented star at the base.


Aquamarine always serious in every situation. But sometimes, she was very emotional, very mad at her enemy, and catch a joke. Aquamarine is always fair to all people around her. She also a very talented when she trained the gems.


Ancient History

Aquamarine act as Blue Diamond's bodyguard and servant also was Blue Diamond's most trusted Aquamarine. When she was tasked by Blue to guard a powerful staff, she saw Pearl and Rose attacked the Cloud Arena, and began to think, why they want to be traitor to their homeworld. Aftermath of the attack, she decide to quietly betray Blue. As soon as she find out that earth is the place where she can be freed, she soon took the staff to Rose.

Over 5,750 Years Ago

She alongside with Garnet joined the Crystal Gems, and fight in the rebellion and became Crystal Gems' trainer for preparation of the rebellion.

Over 5,000 Years Ago

She trapped under an injector in the Beta Kindergarten, after her mission to stop the producing of quartzes, causing her can't reform.

"New Old Friend"

She was later found after the gems return to the kindergarten to save her. After accepting of what happen in the past and the new friends, she rejoined the Crystal Gem once again.


She helped the Crystal Gem to find Greg by finding another old friend, Nephrite, who was trapped near where Pink Diamond's shattered.


Aquamarine possesses standard Gem abilities and traits. 


  • When fused with Pearl, they formed Turqouise
  • When fused with Peridot, they formed Serpentine
  • When fused with Lapis, they formed Blue Topaz
  • When fused with Nephrite, they formed Hematite
  • When fused with Steven, they formed Larimar
  • When fused with Peridot and Lapis, they formed Tourmaline
  • When fused with all the Crystal Gems, they formed Obsidian


  • Ribbon Whip Proficiency: Aquamarine can summon a navy blue ribbon whip from one to three tailed.
    Aquamarine's Ribbon Whip

    Aquamarine's Ribbon Whip

    • Whip Lash: She can use her whip to make a strong frozing whip lash that can make the enemies totally froze.
  • Weapons Profieciency: As a trainer, she has the ability to use all kind of weapons.
  • Photokinesis: She can use her gem as flashlight.
  • Gem-Tech Interfacing: She was able to use the interface on Pink Diamond's Human Zoo and Ship.
    • Piloting: She has been shown to be able to fly the ship alongside with Pearl.

Unique Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis: She can manipulate water.
    • Matter State Manipulation: She can change water into ice.
    • Water Wings: She can summon a water wings just like Lapis and Aquamarine.
    • Water-Walking: Aquamarine can walk on water. She shares her abilities with Pearl.
    • Flight: She can fly with her water wings.
  • Cryokinesis: She can manipulate ice.
  • Frigokinesis: She can manipulate snow.
  • Flying Circling Dash: She can fly using her water wings and circling the enemies and then attack it with the whip.
  • Hologram Projection: She can project hologram from her gem.
  • Swordmanship: As a trainer, she must has this abilities. She trains steven and connie with her swordmanship abilities.


  • She is the only Era 1 Aquamarine left, after being wiped out due to many of them were defective.
  • Unlike Era 2 Aquamarines, she possesses more abilities and powerful than them.
  • Her design was inspired by Lapis Lazuli and Opal.
  • She is the tallest, non-fusion gem in the Crystal Gems.
  • Her music is base on pianika and castenet.


Image Description
Aquamarine's Gemstone~Head
Aquamarine's gemstone is located in the top of her head, featuring a rhombus facet. The front and back are symmetrical. It has a sky blue ring around it, which is usually hidden inside her body unless she is regenerating.
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