Pokémon intro in 15 languages, with lyrics

Pokémon intro in 15 languages, with lyrics.

Not owned by me!

Peridot is rebooting

You can't do what I can do!

Yo! I'm TheEnchidioMan! That's also the name of my YT channel. I like SU, Pokemon, and DBZ.

Don't you DARE spam me!

So, please refer me!

Pokemon theme song multilanguage >

I do not own it.

I love Pokemon alot, but I still leave room for SU!

So, are you going to keep watching Steven Universe? I hope you do!

Crystal Gems Yellow Diamond Gems Humans Fusions
Pearl Peridot Connie Opal
Amethyst Lapis Peedee Malachite
Steven Jasper Greg Garnet

(Table, top is best, bottom is 3rd best, middle is... you know.)

While in Roleplay mode...

  • Peridot's my sister.
  • Amethyst's my cousin.
  • Pearl's my other cousin.
  • Ruby's my sister-in-law.
  • On an unrelated note, I like Dragon Ball Z along with Pokemon and Steven Universe.

If I were a Gem, I'd be Tektite. Wait, aren't I already a Gem?


I used to think LarsMars was a mod.

The first page I ever visited here was Garnet.

Vegeta Briefs
Physical Information
Species Saiyan
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation College Student, Prince of all Saiyans
First Appearance 5th episode of the Saiyan Saga
Additional Appearances chat, every saga in dragon ball z. also, in the peanut butter store
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