Ronaldo Smith

aka Ron Smith

  • I live in California
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Computer Programmer
  • I am Male
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Hi. At 62 I may be the oldest member of this Wiki. My daughter, who is 22, introduced me to S.U. during the first Steven Bomb. I totally fell in love with the show. I am not sure what it is exactly that has captivated me about it, but I suspect the superb story telling is a major factor. The wonderful music also contributes.

I wanted to be up front about my age so no one thinks I am 'up' to anything other than enjoying discussing my favorite show with other people, whatever age they might be.

Yes, Greg is the character that I most resemble.

But my mind is most like Ronaldo's.

When I'm not writing fanfiction, I'm vandalizing Evtini's profiles and seeing how long it takes him to notice. Usually longer than I expect.Well, can't vandalize Evtini's profiles anymore, so am now working on a new theory of gravity instead. Now I am almost done with my new theory of gravity (actually it is just an addition to existing theory). I hope to get it published sometime next year, if I can find a real scientist who will give it a read without laughing too loudly.

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