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  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is making this wiki
  • I am agender

My 2,000th edit was adding this!

Peridot Club
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Hello, <insert name here> , and welcome to my wonderful profile. Click on the different tabs to find out more about me! And sorry if you are on mobile, it may look bad...

About Me!

I am a Steven Universe fan. I am learning more about editing and templates, but I am definitely not a pro. I often comment and edit random pages, I have created one page named Sea Pals and helped make The Heretic's Anguish. I will admit, I haven't been on the wiki for a while!


I don't really know how to describe myself other than I am dying inside.

Random Facts

I am a left handed writer and like "cool colors" (green, blue, purple, etc) with an exception to pink. I am constantly learning languages. Currently I am learning a second language, German. I plan to learn Spanish, French, and Chinese.

My User Stats

Current edit rate: 2,137 edits on account.
My 2,000 edit was adding this!

Edits of Rosie043 on the Steven Universe Wiki
Total: 2,181
Article: 148
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Top Gems and Fusion Gems!

1)  Centipeetle 2) Rose Quartz 3) Opal 4) Garnet 5) Amethyst 6) Topaz

My Ships!

Connie x Steven= Stevonnie

Lars x Sadie = Sars

Pearl x Rose = Rosearl or Pearose and Rainbow Quartz

Lapis x Peridot = Lapidot and Unknown

Ruby x Sapphire = Garnet

Pearl x Amethyst = Pearlmethyst and Opal

Speaking of OTP is Lapidot. I've been shipping it for years, bro.

Recent drawings

Requests as of now: open

cant guarantee I'll do all of them.

Some examples of more recent art done w/ medibang  

Old Drawings

ALL THESE DRAWINGS ARE SUPER OLD! I'll probably start doing newer art and posting it here soon.

RoseQuartzFanart byRosie043

It actually looked good.

Most of the ones below are old.

Before Requests

Gem Regenerations

Gemsona Requests

Other Requests

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