aka Sammy Rashid

  • I live in Woodhaven NY
  • I was born on August 28
  • My occupation is A Real Cool Friend For Everybody And The Most Biggest Fan Of SU
  • I am Male


Hi! My name is sammyrashid15. But you guys can call me Sammy, because it's my real name. This is my first time here on STEVEN UNIVERSE WIKI. This is even gonna be so much fun to chat with all of you guys. You can also see a real picture of me at the right, that is under my user name. I'm now 16 years old and I happen to be a Muslim, but I'm born here in America. I also want all you guys to know, I love to make lots of new friends, I've been making lots and lots of friends, over in my day and in the past. I mostly love this show-STEVEN UNIVERSE, and I can talk to you new friends, how awesome is this show and all the episodes, too.

My age 17 year

Now it's been a year. My Birthday have pasted, now I'm 17 years old!

I've turned 18

Now it's been two years for me in here. My Birthday have pasted, now I'm 18 years old!

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