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This is my userpage! enjoy

The Basics

Hi, <insert name here> This is my page. So, the Steven Universe is one of the BEST cartoons ever.

One of the many things that I like, is that they never tell us everything about the gems, and that brings up a lot of theories like:

Where is Homeworld, who is Lion and what his connection to Rose, does a fusion know everything about the gems that make him and so on.


My Fave Gem
No. Character Image Reason
1st Lapis Lazuli
Lapis lazuli.gif
How can't you love Lapis Lazuli? well, I do becuse, we're both full with emotions and enjoy having fun, I adore her HUGE character depth and amazing design.
2nd Amethyst
I just love that Amethyst is totally fun and don't have a care in the world.
3rd Steven
CG-Steven NEW.gif
He's just to cute with Connie and basically everyone else!
4th Garnet
Best relationship EVER!
5th Pearl
I just can't figure out why I like Pearl, I just do. I like her character depth and love her relationship with Steven and Garnet.
6th Sardonyx
Fusion, Fusion, Fusion, Fusion!
7th Peridot
8th Rose Quartz
She is just pure good!
9th Stevonnie
Not sure why but I just love their relationship
10th Sapphire
I just love the way she tries to do the right thing but in the same time she love Ruby so much!
11th Ruby
Do I even need to explain? (But seriously, if you me to do it then just ask ☺)
12th Opal
Giant Woman!

My Fave Episodes
Rank Name Animation
1st Sworn to the Sword
Sworn to the Sword 006.gif
2nd Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem
Ocean Gem Animation Meet With Lapis.gif
3rd Alone Together
Tumblr ni8wcyKpF51s03lrno1 400.gif
4th Cry for Help
Small the6thsardonyx.gif
5th Message Received
Message Recieved YD Pearl Sassy.gif
6th Log Date 7 15 2]
7th We Need to Talk
We need to talk 1.gif
8th The Answer
S2E22 Garnet and roses.gif
9th On the Run
Pearl and Amethyst hug.gif
10th Chille Tid
Chille tid 1.gif

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