As u can tell, I am obsessed with gem-kind. I also have many intresting theories about gem-kind.

So if anyone ever wants to hear about them, feel completely free to ask me.

Also, I like pizza. :p


TempleFusion, also known as ****** ******, is a student at **** ********* middle school.

He is somewhat nosey and can be a obnoxious at times due to his being neglected often back at elementary school. He can be too optimistic and can be too much of a perfectionist( I know, Im anything but) towards simple things. And he is also often ... a butt face.

However, he is also an optimistic person in a good way, for he can see things as they are.He can also be funny and has no problem telling the truth (I FARTED IN CLASS!!!!). He is usually quite an artist(and very humble too) and enjoys sharing differences and similarities with peers. HE understands the perspective of others, but doesn't often give 2nd chances. He also has a massive imagination and jots down wat he thinks IMMEDEATLY.

My favorite pages

  • Gem Fusions
  • Crystal Gems
  • Homeworld Gems
  • Gem MonstersIn all honesty, Malachite is so far my favorite gem fusion. :)
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