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Greetings there! Welcome to my profile! :D 

About Me

Welcome to my profile! I'm Spencer, but also go by TheOffColors! I used to spend most of my time here on the wiki making renders & pngs, but I'm not active anymore; I'll occasionally post a few renders once a month at most, but other than that I don't spend much time here anymore!

I don't do requests, only because I just make pngs in my freetime whenever I'm bored, it's not a hobby. I’m not on standby to create renders for you, but I can certainly give you a tutorial^^

I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe! (Duh). While also being a fan of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, which are my two main interests! 

Current PNG Tasks:

  • Multiple stock art renders
  • Multiple model sheet renders
  • Famethyst Renders

My Pngs