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¡Hey! I'm Tono555, a user mainly from the Spanish and English Avatar Wikis, where I'm a bureaucrat and rollback, respectively. I am also an administrator of the Spanish Community Central. Please read the rest of my profile so you know what my experience on Wikia has been like and what you can ask me about. I tend to edit around here from time to time, but I mostly focus on grammatical and spelling mistakes. I've watched some Steven Universe, I'm not completely up-to-date, but it's a show I quite enjoy. Other than that, I love CSS and actually created a CSS code for this wiki. You can find it on the link above. See you around!

My history on Wikia: I have been on Wikia since May 2014, when I joined the English Avatar Wiki. I was editing there as a semi-active user until I joined the Spanish version of the wiki - it was like a whole new world to me. I started editing there until I was made a rollback along with my friend, Maestro Yalum. Editing back then was amazing. I made so many friends like Jose Garcia Sauceda, Rwyz, El-tavo, Reflejos, and so much more. I edited there and at the English wiki, where I was made a rollback and I kept editing at the Spanish wiki too and became an administrator. I joined the Community Council later and am now a bureaucrat at the Spanish wiki.

¿What can I do to help? Being on various wikis, I have learned to do many things. I can help with the basic templates, putting order, and help wikis have a better design, etc. I also run a bot in case it becomes necessary for your wiki, and have an advanced knowledge of CSS.

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