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status in homeworld

  • used to be in blue diamond's court but became a rebel.
  • weapon | bow and arrow


Labradorite flaunts a dark, cyan blue cloak that has a hood with a diamond insignia. She always have her hood on, just as how Blue Diamond does. Although when the hood is brought down, Labradorite's light sky-blue eyes appears, shimmering, and her hair is a frizzy perm that goes down to her feet.


Labradorite, during her guarding shifts, is always seen as cold because half of her face is covered. Although when her hood is let down, Labradorite's eyes tells all. She doesn't smile and only her eyes are expressive. In one of her shifts, Labradorite twinned herself around the colony, each giving them a bow and an arrow to shoot at intruders. This show that she is very strategic when it comes to defense.


Labradorite is one of the first Gems to be created and summoned by Blue Diamond. They were made to be the guardians of the colony realms. While in guard of the Lunar Sea Spire's constructing, Labradorite was approached by Rose Quartz to join her to rebel against Blue Diamond. She thought about this throughout her shifts. Labradorite hurried to Blue Diamond's room, but before she entered, she overheard Blue Diamond's scolding on the Bismuths. Blue Diamond shouted at them for the slow progress of the Lunar Sea Spire's construction. After this, Labradorite knew she had to think again whether joining Rose Quartz or not.

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