Yes, I love her.

Yes, I think she's a good person.

No, she's not perfect. And she would be the first to tell you that.

Yes, she has negative character traits. So does every other three-dimensional character in everything ever.

Yes, the writers have often written her poorly. She has shown a consistent willingness to change and be better when confronted with her own stuff. The writers have not shown a consistent willingness to confront her with her own stuff.

Yes, she hurt Peridot when she left. Peridot also hurt her when she wouldn't go with her. Neither of them wanted to hurt the other. Neither of them meant to hurt the other. They just couldn't give each other what they needed.

Yes, she realized the error of her ways and returned.

Yes, she's still my favorite little gal.

Yes, I will gladly explain further to anyone who is genuinely interested in understanding better. No, I will not participate in hatred or drama. That would be a very un-Lapis thing to do.

Take care, everyone. :)

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