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  • *TheMagicalWizard*

    Hey there! I'm back with another cult creation, this time, it's a cult for the one and only Lord Dominator! She's a character from Wander over Yonder and replaced Lord Hater's role in Season 2 as the main antagonist! She's evil but yet adorable at the same time!

    Here's the requirements to join!

    Have something related to Lord Dominator (profile picture, fanart of her on your profile or just having a username that's related to her, or just saying you love Lord Dominator!)

    Thank you and hope your galaxy isn't destroyed!

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  • *TheMagicalWizard*

    Hey there! I'm making another cult that's specifically made for those who like one amazing thing in the world: comic books! Whether you like Marvel, DC, IDW Comics or Image Comics, you're always welcome to join the society!

    Here's a few things you could do to join the comic book cult! 1.) You need somewhere on your profile, a comic book character. 2.) Have somewhere on your profile "A Member of the Comic Book Society!"

    That's basically it! Have fun!

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  • *TheMagicalWizard*

    Grocket Cult

    December 4, 2015 by *TheMagicalWizard*

    This is the official cult for all the Grocket Lovers on the wikia! If you want to join, you must do the following:

    Submit your soul to Groot

    Worship the Rocket for all of eternity

    Never look at Black Jack o'Hare

    And that's basically it! We're just a simple cult that just worships Groot and Rocket Raccoon!

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  • *TheMagicalWizard*

    My theory based on the preview (its short) : One day,Steven is going to hang out with the Gems, saying that he was to be involved in the misson but the Gems turn him down, saying that he still doesn't have control over his powers then that's when Uncle Grandpa will appear. Steven tells him whats the promblem and then Uncle Grandpa thinks that the Shield will only appear if Steven is in danger, hence the bazooka pointed at Steven. Let me know about your theories and I'll check it out later

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