Ok, So, First Blog, Hello, You Might Know Me, Possibly By Removing Some Of My Work :)

So Today Were Gonna Think Of One Of The Most Specialest Kind Of Fusions-

Actually It'll Be Pretty Obvious And It Is ORGANIC FUSIONS!!

So Today, Were Only Gonna Go Over 6 Humans, To Fuse With Steven, SO LETS GET STARTED :D

LARS (87/99)

"A Friend Is A Friend, A Hero Is A Hero, And A Fusion Is A Fusion, And A Hybrid Is A Hybrid!" "Sorry Sorry, Other Than Connie And Greg Lars Is The Cloest Human Towards Steven, And Steven" "Has Already Fused With Connie And Greg, So It's" "No Argument That Lars Deserves To Be Next, And We Still Have 20 More Episodes To Go Until" "Steven Universe Offically Ends, So We Have Plenty Of Time Left For Rebecca Sugar To Add In" "Stars!"

SADIE (26/99)

"I Don't Know At The Half-percentage Why But I Might Make A Fan, Story? I Just Wanna, Developy," "Why I Think That'll Be The Way The Fusion's, Activated!"


"Ye- Oh Um I Mean, Ye- I MEAN THIS WOULD BE A FANTASTIC FUSION, This Would Be A Fantastic" "Fusion, But Onion Is Pretty Much A "Quarter-Human" "3-Quarter-Onion" So I Think It Alters" "The Ability Towards Onion, So This Fusion Is Unmakeable."


"Exact Same Problem From Onion, "Quarter-Human" "3-Quarter-Sour Cream" "Causing Unmakeability."

KEVIN (00/99)

"Do I SERIOUSLY, Need To Explain? AT ALL!?!?!"

RONALDO (38/50)

"Despite Being One Of The Most Hated Characters, That Dosen't Mean He's The Most Hated Person" "In Beachcity, And Still, He Has A Realationship With Steven, Like In Rocknaldo,"

And If You Also Want, You Can, Post Art Of An, Organic Fusion Below?

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