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    Hi all! Hope you all had a great new years celebration, and if you haven't, time to celebrate again! I guess...?

    Since November was incredibly uneventful, I had to push back that blog to be together with December. So, welcome to a semi-special edition of the wiki review!

    My notepad file says "Mimikyu cults" and "Oz got promoted." I can only assume I wrote that because I've seen a lot of Mimikyu cults on the wiki before Pokemon Sun and Moon came out? Oh well. But I do have to mention, Ozank Cx got promoted to permanent admin. Congrats to him!

    Yeah that was it for that month. Hopefully this clears up why I pushed back November. actually it would've been only two sentences long if I cut the reminiscing crap

    Again, nothing much happened. Lenhi tempo…

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  • 50000cal

    Wiki Review: October '16

    November 1, 2016 by 50000cal

    okay okay guys okay I'm writing the blog, geez

    Hi! It's the wiki review blog for October 2016! This month has been really active unlike the other months and there's a huge amount to discuss, show and wiki-wise.

    First things first the AbuseFilter application discussion was launched. If you don't know what it is, basically in rather simplistic terms it would allow certain filters to be set that would prevent certain actions from taking place depending on the specified parameters. For example, a vandal's edit to remove all content from a page may not go through with the filter in place. This is going to be a wiki-wide implementation if successful and if you want to learn more about it or give your input on it, I suggest you take a close look at…

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  • 50000cal

    Welcome to a special edition of the wiki review blog, now celebrating the one year anniversary of the blog! A lot of things happened over the course of the year since last October, when the series had started, but first we should address any changes from September.

    We’ve had a number of staff changes this month, starting with Cheeseskates being promoted to patroller and chat mod. Later, LotusFlowers and Day Aurelius were new staff, given chat mod, and Iudexkoo was also promoted to patroller. Congratulations on the promotions! Unfortunately, Dorumin has decided to resign.

    A Halloween contest was launched, challenging users to draw fan art related to Halloween and Steven Universe for the chance to have their submission featured on the wiki hom…

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    Wiki Review: August '16

    September 1, 2016 by 50000cal

    Wiki review for August this year! I don't know, I grew a bit bored of opening every blog the same way. Good news came about this month for everyone!

    Robyn got promoted to IC this month! Aaaand... that's it with staff.

    The good news, though, is that the file policy is gone! Well, not really. It's still there, but all the terrible parts are gone. I'm talking about the categorization. A lot of people complained about this rule and after months of implementation, it was finally removed and now revised. You are now no longer required to categorize your images, but if you want to, you can help. You are still not allowed to categorize other people's uploads, however, but I'm sure nobody wanted to categorize anything to begin with... hehehe... No more…

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    Wiki Review: July '16

    August 1, 2016 by 50000cal

    Welcome to the wiki review blog of July 2016! So... Summer of Steven, huh. Two weeks in, two weeks left. I'm afraid this won't be much of a wiki review blog since nothing much actually happened on the wiki.

    A mistake on my part last month was that I didn't mention that StarmanW had quit staff, and this month, CrystalMomSquad had been demoted. Perlen297 was also demoted this month. And just like that, the wiki review blog is over.

    So how about a little bit of Summer of Steven? I'll go ahead and share my thoughts.

    So far I like this event. Sure, we've got a bunch of mediocre and even bad episodes, but all in all I actually appreciate the premise of the event - it's summer, Steven wants to have some fun after the whole Cluster shindig, and we get …

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