Hello. I'm an Image Control that's currently trying to spread awareness for the new image policy changes and how to properly categorize the images you upload, which is currently the biggest issue many users seem to have. I know we already have two guides on the issue at hand, one by Len and one by Ana, and I wanted to write a comprehensive guide on everything there is to categorization, but we already have two guides describing the basics so I'm only going to be writing an advanced guide. I'm condensing what I learned in two months into a ten minute lesson, so it might be a bit overwhelming.

Before I get into this guide, there are three things you must know. The first is that this is an advanced guide, meaning that I'll be talking about categories that come up infrequently or almost never. Some of these categories you may have never even heard of, so I will be much more lenient on enforcing these categories, but I will still monitor if you make too many mistakes or miss to many. Secondly, you most likely won't memorize all of this immediately so I suggest you bookmark this blog or find a way for you to quickly access it when you need it. It's best to make sure what you're doing is correct and not blind fire categories. The last thing is that I will assume you have read either one or both of the guides previously mentioned. You must know how to upload and categorize images before you look into more obscure categories. If you haven't already, please read at least either of those guides before going into this one.

Basic Refresh

-You must use an image immediately after you upload it. I will give a little bit of time as leeway but you are still essentially forced to use what you put right away.

-You can categorize only your own images, and only those you recently uploaded. You cannot categorize images others uploaded recently, and you cannot categorize what you put way back in July.

-All categories are case sensitive. User files, user files, User Files, and USER FILES are all different. You must use the proper category, capitalized as written in this guide.

-Gallery files are used only for images that belong to a mainspace article. Examples include Pearl, Pearl/Gallery, Rose's Scabbard, and Cry for Help. Then you must categorize it with the name of the character followed by "files."

Historical Friction Pearl And The Posture of Absolute Confidence
Imagine that you uploaded this beautiful image, and you put this in the gallery for Historical Friction. The gallery page is considered a mainspace article, so start by categorizing it as Gallery files. Notice that we have Pearl and Steven in the picture. For this image, we follow up with Pearl images and Steven Universe images. Double check to make sure you did not miss any characters in the image, and spell check your category titles. Click save.

-User files are used if you use an image anywhere other than a mainspace article. This includes talk pages, discussions, user profiles, forum threads, wall messages, user sub pages, and anything else that I may have missed. Basically, if it's in an article that describes the show and it's important, user Gallery files. Otherwise, it is User files.

-Anything that has the category User files can only have User files and no other category.

-User files and Gallery files are mutually exclusive. This means that an image with User files cannot have Gallery files and vice versa.

-Videos and music files, where appropriate, also use User files and Gallery files. More details on the bottom.

Official Art

While Official art itself is a category, it is not an image category. This means that we use Official art to mark a page that leads to subcategories of Official art. As such, do not categorize any images as Official art.

Model sheets: If the Crewniverse released images of model sheets and you upload them to the wiki, use Model sheets. If a character is in the model sheet, include the category of that character.

1926000 252877968231274 1841273259020753396 o

Here, we have a model sheet that the Crewniverse released for the many shades poses of Pearl. This is then added to the Pearl character gallery under the official artwork section where all the model sheets are. Start by adding Gallery files. This is a model sheet, so follow up with Model sheets. We see Pearl in this model sheet, so add Pearl images. If there are more characters, add them, but only those for which categories exist. Now admire the beauty and amazingness that is Pearl.

Background art: Occasionally the Crewniverse releases the background art for some of their episodes. It is always made known on their blog that the image they released is background art so as to avoid confusion if it's simply a shot without characters or actual files the crew used in one of their episodes. Thankfully, these images never contain any characters so you only need to categorize these images as Gallery files and then Background art. There is another category, Gallery backgrounds, but they are practically the same thing and Background art is more descriptive, all the while we are trying to jettison all Gallery categories so please use Background art.

Promo art: Sometimes, the Crewniverse like to tease the fandom with some promo art. They release said art on their blog and make it know that it's promo art.

Historical Friction promo by Lauren Zuke
This is a piece of promo art that the Crewniverse released of Historical Friction. This gets added to the Historical Friction episode gallery where it belongs. Start with Gallery files. This is also known to be promo art, so add the category Promo art. Lastly, we see two people - Pearl and what looks to be William Dewey. Add Pearl images but do not add William Dewey images, as a category for that does not exist, particularly because we have no canon images of him.

Official gifs: This one is a really rare category, so I wouldn't mind it too much if you miss it. These are gifs that the Crewniverse releases.

Tumblr inline njiroe090U1r9ecbs
This is a gif the Crewniverse released of Amethyst fighting Pearl in On The Run. This is now in the episode gallery for On The Run. As usual, you would begin by using Gallery files. Then add Official gifs since it is a gif released by the crew. Now, take note of who appears in the gif. If they make a brief appearance in a few frames and leave, they still count. Here, we see just Pearl and Amethyst, so you would add Pearl images and Amethyst images. Be aware that the categories are still using images and not animations or gifs. We don't have categories for those, and it's simpler and cleaner to keep them all as (character) images.

Gallery drawings: We are most likely keeping this category since we don't have an analog that does not involve using Gallery in the category title. These are all drawings that are official, meaning it's anything that the Crewniverse drew. You cannot add fanart to this, and when you upload an image that the staff drew, you must write the author of said image in the caption.

This is a sketch done by Lauren Zuke that is currently in the Pearl gallery. You would first use Gallery files as usual and follow up with Gallery drawings. Then take a look and see who is in the picture. This one has Pearl and Amethyst striking a cute pose together, so add Pearl images and Amethyst images. That's it for this image.

Cast and crew images: Long name but easy to categorize and is rarely used. These are images of the staff that work on the show. All of thse images will have only Gallery files and Cast and crew images. No more categories. This is not technically Official art but it's related to the Crewniverse so it's best to put here.

What Not to Use

There have been some moments where users used a category that should not be used for images or simply doesn't exist. Here are some.

Official art: Just to reiterate, this is not an image category, but rather a page category.

Fan art: This category does not exist. Fan art can't be used in any mainspace article so you will always use User files when categorizing these.

Locations: Not an image category. You're probably looking for Background art. Verify that it is legitimate and it came from the Crewniverse blog before categorizing it as Background art.

Character images: Though we categorize images using the name of the character followed by images, we never use Character images as a category itself. This was one of the categories that caused the August Mess and the Mass Categorization Project.

Episode images: Do not use this. Ever. Episode images are always Gallery files in any given scenario so including this would be redundant. This was one of the categories that caused the August Mess.

Images: This is a category that categorizes the categories. This isn't an image category so don't use this, even though it clearly says Images.

Gallery images or User images: We're migrating all images found in these categories to Gallery files and User files respectively. When you upload a new image, please use the new categories.


Q: I accidentally saved the wrong category! How do I remove it?

A: At the top of the image page, there is an edit button. Click it, and in the editor, to the right hand side you should see a box labelled Categories with the full list of categories within it. Simply click on the trash bin when highlighting a category. If you need to, you can type whatever category you need to add with the Add category... box a bit higher up. Once you're done, press Publish.

Q: I shot a title card. Anything special to be used here?

A: Title cards use the categories Gallery files (if applicable) and then Title cards. If it's posted outside the mainspace, do not use Title cards.

Q: I have a picture of storyboard art. How do I categorize that?

A: We don't have a storyboard art category, so put it in Official art for now. I know the guide says that that's a category for categories, but this is the next best thing.

Q: I took a screenshot of what happened in an episode but I used it in a discussion. What would I do?

A: If it's anywhere that isn't a mainspace article, regardless of the content, whether or not it's canon, it will always have User files.

Q: I want to add an MP3 file to my profile or a forum post. What do I do?

A: User files. Music articles generally use Youtube player templates so you shouldn't worry about adding Gallery files.

Q: How about a video?

A: User files. You probably won't put a video anywhere in the mainspace so Gallery files is out of the question.

Q: I accidentally uploaded the wrong file! What do I do? Can I delete it?

A: No. Only admins and image control can delete files. If you want to delete it, the image cannot be used anywhere.

Q: I uploaded an image but it's gone! Was it deleted?

A: If you uploaded an image and it got deleted, most likely you haven't used the image anywhere after uploading it or it is NSFW. If this happens, please read the image policy carefully to avoid any future problems.

Q: I have an image of Steven but there's also a little bit of Pearl in it. Should I add Pearl images?

A: If it's something like just her hand or foot, no. Use your intuition with this. If you categorize an image with a little bit of Pearl in it, I won't mind it. It's not a big mistake. But do not add character categories if the character is absent.

Q: There are way too many character categories to memorize! Is there a handy and convenient list I can use to quickly search?

A: Yes, in fact there is. Here is a list I compiled that includes all character categories and the importance/frequency of usage. You could use Ctrl F to quickly search for whatever category you need or verify that it exists. Click the button!

Show/Hide Category List

Important Characters

Pearl images

Garnet images

Amethyst images

Steven Universe images

Peridot images

Connie Maheswaran images

Secondary Characters

Greg Universe images

Opal images

Ruby images

Sapphire images

Sardonyx images

Stevonnie images

Sugilite images

Minor Characters

Barbara Miller images

Bill Dewey images

Buck Dewey images

Doug Maheswaran images

Harold Smiley images

Jamie images

Jasper images

Jenny Pizza images

Kiki Pizza images

Kofi Pizza images

Lapis Lazuli images

Lars images

Malachite images

Mr. Fryman images

Nanefua images

Onion images

Peedee Fryman images

Priyanka Maheswaran images

Ronaldo Fryman images

Sadie images

Sour Cream images

Unimportant/One Time Appearance Characters

Alexandrite images

Baby Melon images

Centipeetle Mother images

Cluster gems images

Foxman images

Frybo images

Holographic Connie images

Holographic Pearl images

Hopper images

Hoppy images

Ice Monster images

Invisible Gem Monster images

Kevin images

Marty images

Purple Puma images

Rainbow Quartz images

Ringo images

Vidalia images

Watermelon Stevens images

If you have any questions, ask them here, and they may be added to the FAQ section.

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