Pre-Hi. Are looking at this guide and thinking, "What the hell, there's so much stuff to read!!" and you just wanna quit? Well... you can. Actually the file policy says you don't have to categorize anymore. But if you've got the perseverance and endurance to go through ALLLL THIS, alright then.

Hi. Are you looking at this guide and thinking, "Man, this is huge. I'm not reading any of this!"? Well, you're in luck, because a friend of mine wrote a much more simplified version of this guide. If you're just posting random crap on the forums, I think you should check his guide out. This one's for more involved and complicated use, which 99.4% of users don't even do.


Still here? Alright, then. I'll start with image uploads, continue to title conventions, then how to start categorizing and the two base categories, and finally move to the "advanced" bit of the Advanced Categorization guide. Please please PLEASE save this blog as a bookmark or in some other way if you aren't familiar with the system or if you don't remember how this stuff works, because there is a lot to cover, and you definitely won't remember everything on your first reading! (Side note - the guide was visually optimized for 1920 x 1080 monitors. Not sure how this works, but this guide may look slightly messier on smaller resolutions.)

Getting Started

Before we start uploading things, we have a number of things to consider: immediate usage, the content of the image and its title. Whenever you upload a file to the wiki, you must use it immediately, or it will be deleted and you will be warned for a file policy violation. Additionally, the file policy states that you are not allowed to upload any NSFW images or files that violate the wiki policies in any way. This means you can't have any swears, graphic, or explicit content in the images you upload. If you upload such an image, it will be removed and you will receive either a warning or a block, depending on severity of the file(s) and past offenses. Are you sure what you're uploading is perfectly fine with the wiki regulations? If yes, then let's move onto file naming.

At first glance, our file naming conventions may be hard to grasp or memorize but it's rather intuitive, really. The general rule to follow is that for stuff from the show or the Crewniverse (the creators of Steven Universe), the name should flow in this way: episode title followed by type of image followed by a small description. You can click the button below for a full list of how it works (it's ripped straight from the thread linked before).

Show/Hide File Naming Conventions

Screenshots: Episodename_smalldescription.frm
for example — "Monster Buddies Centipeetle Sacrifice.png"

Animations: Episodename_Animation_smalldescription.frm
for example — "So Many Birthdays Animation Amethyst Boop.gif"

Storyboards: Episodename_Storyboard_smalldescription.frm
for example — "'Watermelon Steven Storyboard Baby Melon Sacrifice.png"

Promotional Artwork: Episodename_Promo_smalldescription'.frm
for example — "Marble Madness Promo Steven Sleeping Books.png"

Model Sheets: Episodename_ModelSheet_smalldescription.frm
for example — "Open Book Model Sheet Connie.png"

Backgrounds: Episodename_Background_smalldescription.frm
for example — "Rose's Room Background Rose's Room.png"

Drawings: Episodename_Drawing_smalldescription.frm
for example — "Open Book Drawing Falcon.png"

Other: Episodename_Name_smalldescription.frm
for example — "Open Book Celebration Meal.png" or "Open Book Color Key.png"

Profile/Blog/Thread/Template/Article Images: No special rules, just try to descibe the image as you can.
for example — "Steven Sugar.png" or "BathMetal Profile Pic.png" or "Emerald Fanart.jpg"

Note that, as the thread states, you will not get banned exclusively for naming your images incorrectly, and we allow some leeway when naming said images. Just don't post a storyboard titled tumblr_nfn03han02b459z.jpg. That's exactly the thing we are trying to avoid. Also, if you make multiple offenses of different types of file policy violations, improper naming may work against you when it comes to ban duration.

How To Upload

File upload button explanation

These are the buttons you're looking for.

There are different places which have a direct upload tool. The most reliable way of uploading files is via Special:Upload, since unlike other methods that detect only identical titles, it also detects duplicate images. You will get a warning from the page that you are trying to upload a duplicate. Please take that warning, we have a ton of duplicate images we have to clear and we're trying to clean up the image base.

The other ways in which you can upload an image is via gallery builder or when posting a comment anywhere (there will be a button with a picture of a photo). This will bring up a window that shows you the most recent files (in case you want to use those) and the option of uploading a file that you have on your device. The following gif (by Ana) should explain it quite nicely. It is possible that the uploader may detect that you're uploading an image to the wiki that has a title that already exists (eg. the gif is named Uploading.gif. If you're uploading a file called Uploading.gif, it'll let you know, and you may either replace the existing file (not recommended) or abort and rename your file, then upload it again).


Categorization: The Basics

File page

This is what the file page will look like.

Now that you uploaded an image to the wiki (and hopefully it follows wiki policies and you used it somewhere the instant you uploaded it), we can finally move on to categorization. This is probably the most confusing step and this is what catches a lot of users off guard. The image to the right shows what the file page will look like (you can click on the image to see a larger version of it if you want the details). You're interested in categorizing the image, so scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you should see a button labeled Add Categories. Click it, and you are now able to categorize.
File page category

This is the button you're looking for.

That was half the fight. Many users do not know where this button is, so images tend to be uncategorized for this silly reason. It's time to introduce the two main categories you will be using - User files and Gallery files. This is the very easy part, since at their core, these two categories are the basic foundations, rudimentary by nature.

User files: User files are any files that are not included in the mainspace and are used for discussions, messages, profiles, or anything that does not involve the articles that make up the main wiki. Think of it this way: if you're uploading an image and you're using it to jokingly reply to a comment or in general you're not putting them in places like the article for Pearl or the Pearl gallery, it's User files.

Gallery files: Gallery files are any files that are in the mainspace. Do you have a screenshot of Pearl from the show and you want to upload it to the Pearl article or the Pearl gallery? It will use Gallery files. Gallery files can be used in discussions as well as articles. The category simply denoted that the image is, in fact, used in an article somewhere on the mainspace, and it does not restrict its usage in any way.

Key Points about the Base Categories

There are certain important things you must keep in mind when using the base categories User files and Gallery files.

1) They are mutually exclusive. This means that if you categorize something as User files, you cannot use Gallery files at the same time, and vice versa.

2) If you categorize a file as User files, that is the only category that will stay. Do not add the categories for characters or other more advanced categories. If it's User files, that's all it is. If it is used in an article later on, User files will be replaced with Gallery files and any additional appropriate categories.

3) Even though Gallery files tend to be group with other categories, it may occur that a file is only Gallery files. This is uncommon, but do not be alarmed when it happens. If that's all there is to it, just leave the image alone - you don't have to stick another category for the sake of "realism."

4) User files, Gallery files and all of its branches are case sensitive. This means that the categories User files, user files, User Files, and USER FILES are all different categories despite identical spelling.

Advanced Categorization

Now that I've discussed the two base categories (which should be easy to remember given their nature), I'll now delve into advanced categories.

A point to keep in mind for those that read my previous guide - this is where the copy paste begins. The important things to note is the changed category system - we have merged Gallery drawings and Official gifs into one category and renamed it Staff art, the inclusion of the new Storyboards category, deletion of Gallery backgrounds, and renaming of Background art to simply Backgrounds.

Model sheets: If the Crewniverse released images of model sheets and you upload them to the wiki, use Model sheets. If a character is in the model sheet, include the category of that character.

1926000 252877968231274 1841273259020753396 o

Here, we have a model sheet that the Crewniverse released for the many shades poses of Pearl. This is then added to the Pearl character gallery under the official artwork section where all the model sheets are. Start by adding Gallery files. This is a model sheet, so follow up with Model sheets. We see Pearl in this model sheet, so add Pearl images. If there are more characters, add them, but only those for which categories exist. Now admire the beauty and amazingness that is Pearl.

Alone Together Background 1

This is an example of a file using Backgrounds as a category.

Backgrounds: Occasionally the Crewniverse releases the background art for some of their episodes. It is always made known on their blog that the image they released is background art so as to avoid confusion if it's simply a shot without characters or actual files the crew used in one of their episodes. Thankfully, these images never contain any characters so you only need to categorize these images as Gallery files  and then Backgrounds.

Promo art: Sometimes, the Crewniverse likes to tease the fandom with some promo art. They release said art on their blog and make it know that it's promo art.

Historical Friction promo by Jesse Zuke
This is a piece of promo art that the Crewniverse released of Historical Friction. This gets added to the Historical Friction episode gallery where it belongs. Start with Gallery files. This is also known to be promo art, so add the category Promo art.

Staff art: This category includes any sketches, drawings and gifs that any staff from the Crewniverse released. Fan art does not belong here, and in any scenario, fan art will use the User files category since there is no way you can use fan art on an article. When uploading Staff art, be sure to write the artist's name in the title and, if you want, the artist's name in the caption of the image where it will be displayed.

Tumblr inline njiroe090U1r9ecbs
This is a gif the Crewniverse released of Amethyst fighting Pearl in On The Run. This is now in the episode gallery for On The Run. As usual, you would begin by using Gallery files. Then add Staff art since it is a gif released by the crew.
This is a sketch done by Lauren Zuke that is currently in the Pearl gallery. You would first use Gallery files as usual and follow up with Staff art. That's it for this image.

Storyboards: Sometimes, after an episode airs, the Crewniverse releases a few storyboards that they used for the episode. Storyboards are, by content, distinguishable from other kinds of images and the Crewniverse specify that the image they posted is a storyboard so as to avoid any possible confusion.

Here is a storyboard from Rose's Scabbard. This is posted in the episode gallery, so add Gallery files, and since this is a storyboard, add Storyboards. Weep with Pearl in this emotional, heartbreaking moment.

The Category Web

The Category Web

What Not to Use

There have been some moments where users used a category that should not be used for images or simply doesn't exist. Here are some.

Official art: Official art is a category that categorizes the categories. It's for a page rather than a file. Don't use it anywhere.

Fan art: This category does not exist. Fan art can't be used in any mainspace article so you will always use User files when categorizing these.

Locations: Not an image category. You're probably looking for Backgrounds. Verify that it is legitimate and it came from the Crewniverse blog before categorizing it as Backgrounds.

Character images: Though we categorize images using the name of the character followed by images, we never use Character images as a category itself. This was one of the categories that caused the August Mess and the Mass Categorization Project.

Episode images: Do not use this. Ever. Episode images are always Gallery files in any given scenario so including this would be redundant. This was one of the categories that caused the August Mess.

Images: This is a category that categorizes the categories that categorizes the categories. This isn't an image category so don't use this, even though it clearly says Images.

Gallery images or User images: We're migrating all images found in these categories to Gallery files and User files respectively. When you upload a new image, please use the new categories.

Low quality images: This isn't a bad category per se. You can use it but it's totally pointless. No one goes around to replace the images so the category isn't warranted.

Candidates for deletion: Also pointless. There is a page that lists unused files so having a category page for it is superfluous.

Wiki images: Only admins can use this.


Q: I accidentally saved the wrong category! How do I remove it?

A: At the top of the image page, there is an edit button. Click it, and in the editor, to the right hand side you should see a box labelled Categories with the full list of categories within it. Simply click on the trash bin when highlighting a category. If you need to, you can type whatever category you need to add with the Add category... box a bit higher up. Once you're done, press Publish.

Q: I shot a title card. Anything special to be used here?

A: Title cards use the categories Gallery files (if applicable). We don't use Title cards as a category anymore. If the title card isn't on the mainspace, use User files.

Q: I took a screenshot of what happened in an episode but I used it in a discussion. What would I do?

A: If it's anywhere that isn't a mainspace article, regardless of the content, whether or not it's canon, it will always have User files.

Q: I want to add an MP3 file to my profile or a forum post. What do I do?

A: User files. Music articles generally use Youtube player templates so you shouldn't worry about adding Gallery files.

Q: How about a video?

A: Videos are always automatically categorized as Videos so you shouldn't worry about it. If it's on the mainspace, just add Gallery files.

Q: I accidentally uploaded the wrong file! What do I do? Can I delete it?

A: No. Only admins and image control can delete files. If you want to delete it, the image cannot be used anywhere.

Q: I uploaded an image but it's gone! Was it deleted?

A: If you uploaded an image and it got deleted, most likely you haven't used the image anywhere after uploading it or it is NSFW. If this happens, please read the image policy carefully to avoid any future problems.

If you have questions, please ask them. They may also be included under the FAQ section for future readers.

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