Hello, all. For the past seven days I have been working on a secret project and now that I've finally finished it's time to share. Behold... The Staff Timeline!

The Staff Timeline preview

That right there is just the preview. I can't post the whole image on the wiki because it's massive. It's 25.1 MB and 6457 x 5696. Hence the imgur links below. Trust me, you'll need the full zoom if you want to get the most out of that behemoth. But if you want a quick glance, the preview should satisfy.
(for full zoom)

Anyways, this was a rather fun project to work on and I find it interesting how you can see a visualized form of the wiki's history this way. I've highlighted three time ranges: The Age of Tech, The Madness that was Summer, and The Rollback Resurgence. The last one isn't too interesting, I feel, but it's there after the fact that rollbacks were more or less dormant as a status for some time. The Age of Tech was marked by a lot of staff changes. I couldn't show it all perfectly in here because there were some people who had their rights changed up to six times in a single day, but you can sort of see it by the mix of two or three colors on a single day. The other interesting time was the wiki during summer, when we were making temps a lot. A lot of them became permanent staff which you can see today. You can have fun looking around and picking out the little things of it all, but personally my favorite bit is the tapering of the bars as time progresses, and the next best bit for me being The Madness that was Summer.

Quick note: Vloggmusprime and MelonUniverse are both temping and are not full mods.

I hope you enjoy this! If you have any questions about this or the process, ask away!

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