Welcome to the wiki review blog of April 2016! It sure has been a crazy month, not just with the announcement of the return of the show. Lots of important and yet mundane things to discuss. Let's dive right in, now, shall we?

At the beginning of the month, Sharayna had stepped down from being an admin. No, not a cruel April Fool's joke, but rather a real decision. It's sad to see an old admin and buro step down, but we should respect the choice. A little while later, CelestiaOfEquestria was demoted from chat moderator, and even later, Renma91 decided to retire from chat moderator. Wow, three people lost already. Now you see why this is getting crazy? And worse yet, at the very end of April, YourAverageBlogger decided to quit admin and leave! Four people gone...

But not all's dark and gloomy, as somewhere in between, Amethystkitten and Dorumin were promoted to admin! It's been a long time coming, and they definitely deserved that promotion. Congratulations to the two of them for becoming admins!

And now, for the most exciting news that pretty much everyone already heard about, the return of Steven Universe! Again! Yeah, I did say in the last blog that we're getting episodes in June for an event called Summer of Steven, but this time we got confirmation of a new event that will run starting from May 12 titled In Too Deep. We know we will have five episodes spanning four weeks, and we're getting a two-parter on that day. Subsequent episodes will be aired on Thursdays, in a return to the old weekly schedule. The time at which the episodes will air is now 7 PM Eastern/ 4 PM Pacific time.

Personally, I'm glad that we're finally getting episodes back. Not only do we have them earlier now (mid May as opposed to who the hell knows when in June), but it's not a bomb! YAY!!! By the time we get to May 12, we would have endured a seven month hiatus. Note that I am not counting Steven Bomb 4. That was not a regular schedule. But hey, if you want to, let's count it too fairly and say we've been through four and a half months of hell since SB4. Nevertheless, we are finally getting episodes and I can finally end my horrible Pearl Deprivation Disorder!

Final note on the new episodes, I hope you're all ready for the new influx of activity. Oh hoho, man, mooore and moooore users. That means more people for discussion, and that's also more vandalism. A two-edged blade. Pick your poison.

This has been the Wiki Review Blog for the month of April, that which was ravaged by a chain of staff leaves and subsequent admin promotions, and the huge hype hysteria over the appearance of newer episodes sooner.

Tune in next month for the May Wiki Review!

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