Welcome to the Wiki Review blog of December, that of last year! I hope you're enjoying (or enjoyed or will enjoy) your New Year's celebration. If you thought we had a lot of staff cleanup in November, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Starting off the month, we implemented the winter theme on the wiki. It was a lovely Pearlmethyst background but complications arose and we eventually settled with a snowy Beach House. At the same time (as part of the winter theme special) we had a new map of Beach City created with many of the bits and bobs you might find from the show, such as gem fights or storefronts. Pretty nifty, huh?

Perhaps the best part of December was the announcement of StevenBomb 4! It's been three long months but we're finally getting a pretty hefty dose of Steven Universe and Pearl from January 4th to the 9th. The wiki was plunged into mass hype as we've also been shown a preview of The Answer, the first in line for SB4. But with such a treat comes a great cost, and that is an immediate hiatus after all five episodes air. Personally I would rather have had the normal Thursday schedule so we don't need to wait out another hiatus after a big drop such as this, but considering this will be the week of Steven's birthday it may just be worth putting into a Steven Bomb format. Only time will tell.

Now we get to the fun wiki-related activity. Our first course on the venue is the total categorization of the wiki's images and the implementation of the new image policies. An announcement was made detailing those changes and the resurrection of the old Image Control staff. At the moment, the new ICs appointed were *TheMagicalWizard*, Hiikou, YourAverageBlogger, and me. If you're confused how to categorize images, here's something that might help, and this too, and maybe also this as well?

But wait, why are two names red, one's blue and only one is white, the real IC color? Well, we had a pretty big staff announcement, and there's a lot to cover. I'll try to condense this: Patrollers are back and the old rollbacks, Perlen297 and Ylimegirl are the new Pats. Rollback is now an honorary editor position which anyone can apply for, but functions the same as it always did. OpalBot was forged and quickly put to the garage for future use as Holly remains as our primary chat bot. Dorumin was given Forum Mod and Rollback, Amethystkitten was given Forum Mod, Chat Mod and rollback, Kmes the Awesome JJ got Chat Mod, and Opal the friendly gem, Hiikou and Wiz received rollback. Bigger news is that Hiikou and YourAverageBlogger are promoted to Support Admin until January 15, where they will work on keeping the wiki in shape as we brace for the incoming traffic from StevenBomb 4, I was promoted to full time Admin to replace Vogel100 (former admin recently demoted for inactivity), and Lilduders was promoted to Bureaucrat!

Alright, we're almost done here. After that big bomb of an announcement, some more staff shuffling took place. Alcana announced his resignation from Chat Mod, AwesomePeridot was demoted from Chat Mod, and just the other day we announced DarlingVanilla's promotion to Chat Mod! Wowie, that was one hell of a staff overhaul! I hope these last three were finishing touches for the end of the year so that we're set for some time.

To summarize: we began with a winter theme and a map of Beach City. StevenBomb 4 was announced and the wiki was in a sustained hype wave. New images rules were made which you should read, Vogel, Alcana and AP got demoted. I was promoted, along with Wiz, Lil, Hiikou, Blogger, Doru, Amekitten, Opal, Kmes, and Vanilla.

And that was the Wiki Review blog for December of 2015, the month of hype and change! I'm holding onto my seat in hopes of a sane wiki after the end of the next month, considering the speedy reintroduction of the hiatus after SB4.

Tune in next month for the January Wiki Review!

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