Welcome to the wiki review blog of January and February of 2016! I want to start this blog off by apologizing for not bringing out January's review last month. I got caught up in a few problems and got carried away in them, so I couldn't do it. Even though there wasn't much to talk about for January, I still would have released it. A review's a review. I'm also sorry for releasing this blog two days late (I made a promise to release all wiki review blogs on the first of every month). Alright, with all that said, let's get started!


January started off in a very exciting way - we saw the return of Steven Universe after it suffered a two and a half month hiatus! We were treated to Steven Bomb 4 and the reception was great! Personally, I also liked the bomb, and my favorites were It Could've Been Great, Message Received, and Log Date 7 15 2. What did you think of the bomb?

We also had some important staff changes in January, which I have to apologize for not writing about them. At least the new staff didn't kill me for not bringing them even more attention... Starting off with Sharayna, who resigned from being a buro on the wiki and instead stayed down to admin, wishing to do more sole edit work on the wiki.

We did, however, see the promotion of two admins. If you remember, Lenhi and YourAverageBlogger were support admins that were appointed to help keep the wiki stable during the increased traffic of Steven Bomb 4 and a little over a week beyond that. Well, they've done such a great job that we decided to keep them as full admins. I know it's a bit late, but congratulations... at the time? At about the same time, Dorumin was promoted to IC and CelestiaOfEquestria was promoted to chat moderator. Congratulations to the two of them! The anachronisms are starting to make me cringe.


Following Steven Bomb 4, the wiki activity has dropped to a much more manageable level, but at this point we're two months into another brutal hiatus. Not counting SB4, we're in four and a half months out of a regular schedule! This is why fans were extremely excited when CN UK managed to leak two particularly long clips of future episodes. It was at that moment that the wiki dived deep into leak terror and lots of work was done to keep the place free of spoilers. I know, we've been waiting for the regular schedule and for new episodes forever, but now we know they're coming, so sit tight.

We did get some more staff, though, and this time I can formally congratulate them without worrying that I'm not horrifically late! This month, we saw three users become new chat moderators. They are StarmanW, DapperPearl, and Live Delta. Later on, we have also seen two existing staff getting a promotion, with *TheMagicalWizard* getting Patroller and Amethystkitten getting IC at the same time. Congratulations to all of both our new and promoted staff!

An important thing that must be mentioned is the Roleplay Ban update. I know it's been fun for a whole bunch of you, but roleplaying has been banned from the forums (for good reason). If you want to roleplay, there are other wikis that allow you to do so.

This has been the Wiki Review Blog for the months of January and February, 2016. Hiatus, new staff, hiatus, people going crazy, and more hiatus was the central theme for the past two months. Let's hope we finally get some new episodes in March.

Tune in next month (hopefully) for the March Wiki Review!

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