Welcome to the wiki review blog of July 2016! So... Summer of Steven, huh. Two weeks in, two weeks left. I'm afraid this won't be much of a wiki review blog since nothing much actually happened on the wiki.

A mistake on my part last month was that I didn't mention that StarmanW had quit staff, and this month, CrystalMomSquad had been demoted. Perlen297 was also demoted this month. And just like that, the wiki review blog is over.

So how about a little bit of Summer of Steven? I'll go ahead and share my thoughts.

So far I like this event. Sure, we've got a bunch of mediocre and even bad episodes, but all in all I actually appreciate the premise of the event - it's summer, Steven wants to have some fun after the whole Cluster shindig, and we get to see development for a lot of characters. If there's one thing the show does right, at least for me, it's character development. I know some people might be disappointed but I rather like the break from the plot heavy episodes. I mean, half of Season 2 was plot and things leading up to the Cluster. And besides, it's not like we're getting nothing out of SoS, we're getting some lore, and that's pretty great.

Steven Floats was pretty good. I remember people got super disappointed and bored of this episode back when the Frenchies leaked them and I don't personally see why other than the fact that everything came back to Beach City and plot is nonexistent. I found it amusing, and Pearl was cute. Drop Beat Dad was meh. Marty was a dick and I don't think we needed a reprisal to know that. Though, for the sake of Sour Cream and him getting closer to terms with his stepdad, I guess it's fine. Mr. Greg was pretty ffffrreaking awesome geez I almost swore there. The tux Pearl promos really did sell me in only because I'm an obsessive deranged Pearl fanatic but the content itself and Pearl's reluctance to let go of her grudge over Greg in that he stole Rose from her was pretty great. I wanted to see an episode exploring Pearl's relation with Greg and I finally got it, and it was damn well satisfying and glorious with the songs in there.

Too Short to Ride, another great episode. This is why I'm actually liking Peridot a lot more now and she's kinda high on my top characters list now. Just a pretty cute episode altogether. The New Lars is like Drop Beat Dad, we know he's a dick. We didn't exactly need an entire episode for it in all honesty. Though, I did like the scene where they had to wake Steven up. Beach City Drift was pretty good. Even though Kevin is also mean, he's at least a better villain than Lars. Lars does what he does just because he does what he does. That's it. Kevin likes to mentally and emotionally manipulate his victims to his own advantage. And the moral was pretty nice too.

Week 2! Restaurant Wars was meh. Waitress Pearl made it worth it though, and the moral's nice. Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service was pretty nice and the moral was great too. I'm glad they didn't portray Jenny as a bad sibling who says that their sibling is good only if they do what they like them to do. It shows some maturity, you know? Monster Reunion was pretty great, not least of which was because of Pearl's mortified expression when Steven broke the plate, but the extra bit of gem lore was appreciable too. Alone at Sea was pretty great. A nice episode on what an abusive relationship looks like, without the exaggerations and the niceing up of reality. Greg the Babysitter was good too. We haven't seen a whole bunch of Greg and Rose moments so this was quite a welcome sight. Though, this does make me want an episode exploring the relationship between Rose and Greg with Pearl in the mix, see how complicated that dynamic was. Also, because it's Pearl, of course.

I'm sure this blog is bound to get some hate because opinions have been said and I'm pretty sure all the long time readers will say, "But Cal, where's the good writing? Where's the actual content of the wiki review?" Well I only have one thing to say to that and that is... actually I don't really have anything to say. Not much happened and I'd really hate to leave this blog really empty. You've been saved from Plan B for now...

That was the wiki life review blog for July 2016. Yeah. Put your opinions or hate mail in the comments. Here's a compensatory Pearl fanart for the lack of news. I gotta get me some hard cider...

Cute Pearl hiccuping 1
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