Welcome to the wiki review blog of March 2016! Are you still here? I wouldn't blame you if you left the wiki for a little while. After all, a community is only as good as the show's life, which seems to be very lacking at the moment.

The start of the month was rather boring and uneventful, but we do have a new staff member. Congratulations to CrystalMomSquad for being promoted to chat moderator! We are not looking for any new staff members at the moment, though. Another exciting thing that happened was that the duplicate image list was finally cleared by Andrey, Amekitten, and I.

From then on, nothing happened until we made a thread announcing a few minor changes, with the least minor of those being the removal of badges. Some people were curious or even frustrated, but there is an explanation for why we took a whole week to decide to remove badges. Consider that most top wikis on wikia have their badge system removed, and are still great wikis with leaderboard-level activity. One example is the Runescape Wiki. The reason for this is because badges tend to create badgehunters more often than well-intentioned editors. This causes many junk edits and acts of vandalism simply for a virtual icon saying that you've done an arbitrary number of a certain type of edit. Badges are great for new and small wikis where pages are rather bare and there is no way but going up. Badges are meant as an incentive to boost activity in the early stages of a wiki's life, but as time goes on, the wiki's activity basically handles itself. Of course, some activity will be lost as a result of the removal of badges, but for the most part it will solve the badgehunting problem more than it will hurt good edit activity.

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for, the announcement of the return of Steven Universe! At the end of this month, Matt Burnett announced that the hiatus ends somewhere around June, with more details on the episodes and schedule to come in preceding months. Another interesting piece of news is that seasons will now consist of 26 episode instead of the original 52 that made up season 1 and we thought would make season 2. This marks Log Date 7 15 2 as the season 2 finale without us knowing about it until three whole months later! To be honest, I don't like the way this is looking, because Matt also announced that we will not have a weekly schedule when the show comes back in June. There is no information given on how episodes will be aired, whether it'll start up straight-off with a bomb or if we'll have a couple of weeks on and off. I personally would accept the wait until June if it guaranteed a stable schedule for at least a couple of months, but we can't seem to get that. By the time we get off hiatus in June, we would have waited seven and a half months in hiatus, and that's not counting SB4. The reason why I don't count that is because it was just a week of episodes, and it wasn't in a regular schedule. This would mark the shows longest hiatus in its airing history. That's just crazy!

Of course, I couldn't close this blog without discussing the rather interesting choices in changing the wiki. You know, the Miraculous Ladybug homepage, everyone apparently looking like a bureaucrat, the closure of chat, and, perhaps most importantly, the Butt Lobsterification of most things, including changing the Pearl page's PNG to her being shocked when she sees the butt lobster as it should have been since the beginning? Well, it was all an April Fools joke. Kudos to those who caught on early, and for those of you who were confused or mad, you now know why all this happened. Hope you had fun, and never forget the Butt Lobster!

This has been the Wiki Review Blog for the month of March, that which was marked by some crazy outrage over nonexistent ego-stroking icons, more hiatus, and the news that we gotta wait even more.

Tune in next month for the April Wiki Review!

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