okay okay guys okay I'm writing the blog, geez

Hi! It's the wiki review blog for October 2016! This month has been really active unlike the other months and there's a huge amount to discuss, show and wiki-wise.

First things first the AbuseFilter application discussion was launched. If you don't know what it is, basically in rather simplistic terms it would allow certain filters to be set that would prevent certain actions from taking place depending on the specified parameters. For example, a vandal's edit to remove all content from a page may not go through with the filter in place. This is going to be a wiki-wide implementation if successful and if you want to learn more about it or give your input on it, I suggest you take a close look at the thread.

Next, some CSS changes. We got rid of the IC tag and changed the Pearl IC CSS to match support admins, if we were to have one. All existing ICs (the whole two of them) were promoted to patroller while still retaining IC rights, and pats' CSS changed from Jasper to Ruby.

Lastly on the topic of the wiki, some staff changes. Sophiedp was promoted to discussions and chat moderator, and Robyn Grayson was demoted from patroller. Huh, it's usually more than that...

I randomly started scrounging around the wiki for blogs and apparently the flavor of the month were height blogs and guessing characters. Some people apparently exist, some are dead, however way that works, and then we suddenly got really concerned with each others' heights? You people are strange... There's also a point in my notepad file of the review plan about ship blogs in the month, but honestly I forgot what there are and I have no clue what ship blogs were even published this month. I guess I'll have to let you guys off on this one.

Anyways, that's the wiki stuff aside. WE HAVE LOTS OF SHOW NEWS! LOTS.

New York Comic Con happened in October and there was a Steven Universe panel! The attendees were Rebecca Sugar, one of the storyboarders/directors of the show (I forgot her name, sorrrrryyyy), and the voice actors/actresses for Greg, Stevonnie, Ruby, Lapis, and Peridot. I attended the panel and there were some interesting reveals and questions made, namely:

  • A four minute clip of Gem Harvest.
  • The announcement of the upcoming episode Three Gems and a Baby, and a song titled "I Could Never Be Ready" starring Greg.
    • This made Tom Sharpling, Greg's VA, admit that he has a problem with singing: "Just so you know it takes me about an hour and a half to do them and we're covered in sweat from the time the session's done. It's 40 seconds long in the shot, that means it's two hours in a recording booth with me not being able to sing."
  • The voice actresses for Lapis and Peridot basically confirming Lapidot is canon (some of you might take this too seriously).
  • The strange shoutout to the obscene number of Philippino voice actors present on the show.
  • One of Rebecca's motivations for the show is that she wanted to make something that would make people draw.
  • Charlyne Yi's favorite Ruby to voice is Eyeball.

There are some other little tidbits from the panel, and the fan questions and answers were pretty great too.

After NYCC ended, there was yet another interview that had been posted involving most of the panel's attendees. Arguably the most exciting part of that interview is the announcement of two specials, Gem Harvest and an unnamed winter special. The interview itself is quite interesting, so have a look if you like to know more about the VAs' personal thoughts and opinions on the show and how it relates to people.

And finally, a pretty long while later, Gem Harvest was announced to air on November 17. Another site reports that there will be a new episode titled Gem War. No details are mentioned, but I'm taking a guess and will say that it might be the winter special that was mentioned in the aforementioned interview. Who knows, maybe it'll be a bit of gem history like Bismuth.

Whew. That was a lot of information. Well, that was this month's edition of the SU wiki review blog! Let's hope the episodes delivered later this month are a good comeback to this relatively short hiatus and see what other new episodes will be announced!

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