Cor blimey, that's an evil number alright. Never thought I would get that many edits, since most of them are non-articles, but whatever! I'll list of some dedicated people of my life in this wiki! This is literally my favorite show and wiki I've ever been on!

User:Sticks the Badger (Meme Master)

User:LarsMars (King of all edits)

User:GlareShowstopper (One of my very closest partners)

User:YourAverageBlogger (An average editor)

User:Superluigi6 (It's a tradition to include people who are powerful)

and a very special person to me, the person who courageous to be the current myself


Thanks to everyone in this list, and thanks to other users on other wikis I am on to make myself what I'm now.


(My mind is blank of all the history I have, but I'll get back to it)
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