I would like people to stop calling me Adagio Dazzle 2.0, she's gone. I'm now Springtrap The Animatronic 2.0.

Why Would You Change Your Name?

Simply, because I just left the MLP fandom, also FNAF was one of the first fandoms I had. MLP just became cringy for me. Alicorns were, well 'rare', until Twilight turned into one. And now with Candance's baby, they're just milking the heck out of it.

Could we still call you Ada?

Of course you can, but not too much, call me Springy from now on.

So you left the MLP fandom, which fandoms do you have left?

  • Steven Universe
  • FNAF
  • Undertale
  • Anime
  • WOY

No fair! I like Adagio better than Spring!

Sad to say, but she's not coming back until MLP stops becoming cringy.

But what about your friends?

They're fine, I know one friend of mine likes MLP, but maybe he has other fandoms we have in common. Me and Lucky like WOY. Heck, I stayed all night one time watching WOY. Also, Ana likes dank memes like me.

In Conclusion

I would like people just to forget about my MLP account and just call me Spring. I hope you understand this, some shows become cringy like SpongeBob, that's why I left it. I recently edited almost entirely my Profile to match my new name. I can't change and I don't wanna make a new account, so I guess I'm stuck with this UserName.

                         ~A fellow Wiki Mate,
                                             Springtrap The Animatronic 2.0

EDIT: Oh wow, I didn't expect a blog to this popular :/

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